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  1. Interestingly, we seem to be attracting new younger members and there has been chat that we may not be able to accommodate many more members due to parking and flight line pressures. I constantly remind the committee that we must be in a very lucky place but in fairness NLMFC is a very welcoming club with excellent training protocols, from both of which I benefitted greatly when I joined. It might relate to our socio demographic and location, although there are several other clubs within half an hour of us. There is no doubt in my mind that the record event was very beneficial with excellent esprit de corps throughout, and some good laughs too. Well done BMFA. Roll on the auction …. BTC
  2. Thanks Peter. Oddly, the only one I have used is at Buckminster, at a UKCAA event, with a Suprafly, and I found it extremely convenient, especially putting the battery in. The radically different shape of a modern F3A is presumably the difference? No matter because nobody flies those, but there are plenty of classics. Grateful for the input, as ever. proofing 2nd Edition has stalled but I will finish it! BTC
  3. NLMFC, southwest of Harrogate, 31 in total, only mishap was an I/c engine running its bearings mid flight and landing a field away with a bent u/c no nothing else damaged. Landed after midday so still counts. terrific esprit de corps all round the site today. BTC
  4. The chatter in today’s heat turned to the subject of proper big model benches, like those at Buckminster. For clarity, these are waist height with a pair of vertical posts in front of the wings to use right from assembly up to running up engines just prior to taxiing out. We might build a handful. They would be portable, to store them, but sturdy enough not to need anchoring, ideally. Rather than try to re-invent the wheel, I wonder if any Forumites have a knockout design we could adopt or adapt? A couple of good pics will probably do it. Thanks in anticipation. Bruce Collinson
  5. Cuban 8, The techy experts in my club think there could be issues with older radios, hence all participants are going into scrutineering. I think I referred to failsafe, throttle cut and protocol in my substantive post. BTC
  6. Hot off the press. Our coordinator has just sat through the video thing and it will not be verified by Guinnless, as I suspected. There will be record status apparently. Verification will rest on the coordinator to get a group photo, a list of names and BMFA numbers and then self-certify the numbers. Guinness evidently expect a single venue and allegedly charge well to attend and count up. My view, it’s more to do with a fun day and some esprit de corps, although the whiff of some sort of acknowledgement is undoubtedly helping to get c. 50% of our membership involved. BTC
  7. Andy, is your plan similar to ours? Strictly sequential landings, taxi clear ASAP into the rough grass if necessary, fetchermites to retrieve dead planes and wreckage under flight director’s strict supervision. placement of pilots in pilot box may be an issue. Our glider guiders will retreat 10 yds, petrols will be front downwind, sports upwind of them and the floaties more central. We have a box near each end of the strip using whichever suits the wind. BTC
  8. Pretending to be a politician: Well, I’m glad you asked me that question. North Leeds MFC had a dress rehearsal last Saturday and the headline statistics are, essentially, that we had c. 18 uavs airborne simultaneously with no damage recorded. The actual attempt is scheduled for c. 20 fixed wing plus several drones and all members not flying will be provided with a chuck glider (P51, no messing here) which could get us to c. 30. I will claim to have had a hand in this and as there may be unrehearsed forumites reading this, I’ll just indulge my vanity by describing the scheme. At the outset I had an image of 16 planes in 4 tiers, with large powered gliders taking off first, climbing to 600’ via a vario and landing last. Tier 2 is big petrols at c. 400’, landing second to last; followed by sports planes, Wotties, Riots etc. at c. 200’ landing second, and finally Tier 4 of floaty foamies flying low and landing as soon as the noon hooter blows. Subsequently it was felt that if four planes could fly in a sensible circular circuit, five or six could. My main concern has always been landing 20+ planes in about 10 minutes. Lessons from the rehearsal, which was flown three times: taking off not an issue provided the pilots were prepared, engines warmed etc circuits got a bit ragged, probably because it must be difficult maintaining station with so many planes up landings went well despite an unhelpful stiff 90deg cross strip wind timing was a lot less critical than we envisaged, because the Tier 1 gliders could have stayed up an hour and the Tier 4 floaty foamies only had to fly round once or twice, then land definitely needs two flight directors, one in the pits sending pilots out to the pilot box in sequence and one directing flying airhorn to count minutes down and signal noon essential Arguably the major revelation was how much less time it takes to get airborne so instead of gliders going out at 11.50 we’re now down to 11.54, so Tier 4 will go at about 11.58. Nobody runs out of fuel or battery, thereby deadsticking and blocking the runway although fetchermites need to be available, just in case. We have ordained full radio checks, failsafe, throttle cut and protocol, to ensure nobody has to retrieve a live plane. Good job we did, a lifetime member was uncovered with no throttle cut. Because we are truly rural with horses and crag rats nearby, we are posting horse guards at each end just to warn and request 10 minutes’ grace. Our surfaced car park will be rammed and we will use a lay-by about 500 yds away, with a taxi to and from the strip. The club is laying on a barbie post facto and some giddy member has even threatened to provide Nigerian claret and Cote de Nitromors to wash it down, T’Committee has rightly ordained that Tx batteries will have to be surrendered as a prerequisite. Hope this helps, glad to answer supplemental questions. BTC
  9. Mine did that. I suspect there’s some slop in the elevator linkage which exacerbates issues with incidence and/or c of g. Plus if it’s been crashed the fus may be distorted, introducing flaws in incidence and thrust lines. ”Sticktion”? I recall this expression being used to refer to a control surface which won’t return to neutral. Keep us posted! BTC
  10. Robert, If you already fly a Wot 4 then isn't an Acrowot a rational progression? I found it so. It is less forgiving but not manic. I believe a lot of B tests are taken with them too. BTC
  11. Have the one Shaun showed, although mine came from 4Max who don’t seem to stock it. Very versatile charger with some software anomalies. In constant use. BTC
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