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  1. Meanwhile... at the pure FF diesel end of things, I recently finished my 23.5" Gordon Whitehead Nieuport Baby, built from an original 1972 Aeromodeller plan. It was supposed to be powered by a 1959 E.D. Baby 0.46cc which I acquired completely gummed up, but stripping and cleaning it then putting it back together revealed an engine that had actually had very little prior use: I've now run it in properly (the exhaust residue has gone from dark-grey to light-straw probably for the first time in over 60 years!) and it is very sweet upright. However, for reasons I've not been able to fathom, it has proved almost impossible to start inverted. So I've now retrofitted an equally old but invertible Allbon Dart 0.5cc into the Nieuport. First flights were impressively high and sometimes manic, as the old Dart is still a bit too powerful. So this video of the last trim flight of the day, with the 7x3 prop mounted on backwards to help kill the excess thrust (even at lower, burbling revs) shows the model closer to an acceptable state of trim: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VaV26H5e5pqUfFiC9 The glide is steep because (1) it is obviously a very draggy WW1 biplane, (2) it is a bit heavy for its small size, and (3) I had to bend in down-elevator trim to overcome the previous ballooning climb. I've now fitted an 8x3 prop, as the 'flywheel effect' of this larger prop better helps keep the engine running at lower compression settings, and I'll also increase the down-thrust from 7° to 8° and the right-thrust from 4.5° to 5.5° to tame the excessive bank and climb at anything above minimal revs (sounds mad but in my experience this type of very short-nosed FF model really needs that much of both!). Then I'll be able to restore the tad of down-elevator trim to neutral to improve the glide-phase angle, bend in more left rudder and re-tweak the already bent-in differential washout... the aim being to achieve a consistent left-hand circuit on both power and glide phases (it currently turns right once the power cuts) without the model rolling in one way or the other, etc. Complicated stuff this FF malarkey...
  2. Hi Mike - just seen this. The CB is on hold for building this coming autumn/winter. (Since finishing the Gangster, I've been focussed on building a couple of trad FF diesel models - a Veron Cardinal and Gordon Whitehead's all-sheet Nieuport Baby - as well as flying RC thermal and indoor FF scale.) Your observations about wood densities and model stiffness are spot on. Jon
  3. Steve C - The two 2m size is very handy and capable and still visible at several hundred meters (just!), only limitations of a light airframe with a fixed camber wing are ambient wind-speeds, which limit one to 10-12mph max. I don't know what RES models are available in 2.5-3m sizes, but if you want to go balsa and film (rather than foam or moulded) and are happy with full-house then have a look at the 2.5m FXj from Austria (two versions, pure glider and electric-launch) FXj 2.5m kit and video here FXj 2.5m electric Steve EB - how's the X-RES getting on? Jon
  4. Steve, if you go for something in the 2m F5-RES class, then you'll find it a complete revelation compared to larger heavier models - typically a third of the weight of your Solius and much more efficient - and you'll also be eligible to enter the growing FxRES competitions if you're inclined. Here's a friend of mine expertly flying his bungee-launched version https://youtu.be/Nm_fASOpz74 That's an X-RES in the F3L class (previously known as F3-RES) and weighs about 430g or so, an electric version for F5-RES (typically using something like a 3s 450mAh) should still come in below 500g. See https://www.hyperflight.co.uk/products.asp?cat=RC+Models&subcat=F3-RES+Thermal+Gliders for the usual range from Hyperflight. I fly a PuRES off the bungee (photo below in last Sunday's first comp of the year), and have an X-RES electric conversion in the pipeline. See also https://www.fxres.co.uk/ Jon
  5. I maidened my FF Cardinal yesterday. A bit breezy so got in a lot of model-recovery exercise over half a dozen flights, but hugely satisfying! https://photos.app.goo.gl/KzYKm5ktiVnEdv4L6
  6. Fair enough Matt. For some reason I'm feeling a bit tired and distracted at the moment. But given the nature of the (online) world we now all live in its worth looking up Poe's Law...
  7. I'm lost for words reading this. The entire world is incredibly nervous about "sudden" extremely destabilising events in Eastern Europe (think August 1914, September 1939, August 1945, the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Adi Amin, Osama Bin Laden, Super Covid, the Spanish Flu, the Black Death, and the extinction of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago all combined into one very nasty "terminal" possibility), and you think an RAF Station Commander is just looking for excuses to stop a bunch of British children in adult bodies having fun with their pretend aeroplanes this summer.
  8. Original Veron Cardinal kit, covered with Litespan, powered by a late (yellow head) DC Dart... all 100% proper FF.
  9. Cheers Andy - I've already joined and have put the various event dates in my diary.
  10. Hi Steve - just seen this. I've got a PDF of the plan and article from PM. Would be helpful though to know where I can get a printed copy and cut parts as well. Cheers Jon
  11. Practicing for my B Certificate has given me something to aim for, has improved my flying skills considerably so far, and has impelled me to build a suitable model for the task - all for the pure personal pleasure and challenge of it rather than because its a prerequisite for anything else. Having said that, it has also got me interested in flying classic aerobatics, for which there are half a dozen UKCAA events scheduled for this summer...
  12. Yes, me. I have a good ASP 70 FS from new that briefly powered my ARTF Acrowot, i.e. VGC. PM me if you're interested.
  13. That's beginning to look nicely rhapsodic!
  14. Using six bands isn't just for security, it also provides 50% more 'anti-lifting' tension than just using four bands. But don't over-do it either. You do want to wing to release in the event of an accidental arrival, else the impact energy will find the next weakest point which will be the wing itself and/or the fuselage.
  15. Now I know why folk have large propellor collections!
  16. Mine is actually ridiculously quiet already on the 12x6 (modern OS muffler fitted) so might give the 11x6 a go... but to be honest my primary focus is now mainly on smoothening my flying and refining the elements of the B Test. She wants to spin right every time, and struggles if I try to force a left spin. Rolls are lovely individually, just need to ensure I can reliably and repeatedly do two consecutive ones in both directions without screwing out. Stall turns good, figure of eights fine, learning to blend in rudder at tops of loops and for cross-wind stuff etc. Lovely model for the job.
  17. Mine has the silver carb, so I presume it is the OS-produced Mk3.
  18. Andy, yes the 12x6 is an APC which I've scraped to perfect balance. Fuel is Bekra (5 normally but currently 10 for the colder weather). I like Bekra because the residue is much less sticky than the Irvine Sport 5 I was previously using. Maybe I can lean the high-speed needle a bit more - what kind of top end revs ought I to expect? PS Just to clarify, when I said verticals weren't quite 'unlimited', they are at least pretty good.
  19. Thanks Peter, useful to have that option in reserve. In the meantime the 53 maxes at 10,000rpm with the 12x6. More power than the 46 (maxed at 11,000 with an 11x6), although not excessively so: verticals are better but not completely unlimited.
  20. Who knows? After I'd helped him collect the litter of foam, I suggested we test the components. Everything worked fine on the ground - RX, ESC, motor, the servo that still had a lead attached - but in the air it clearly hadn't in those critical last few moments from a height of about 50m all the way to ground zero, which I observed. There are only two possible reasons for this: either the TX or the RX. His TX is a new generation black DX9, the RX is a park-flyer type Orange with two diddy stubs for antennae. Had anything like this happened with my Taranis (I gave up on Spektrum three or so years' ago after repeated RF board failure on my new gen black DX7 resulted in the terminal crashes of two large and expensive power models in the space of a week, then it nearly did the same to a slope-soarer, all with full-range receivers, after board replacement by the UK agent), I'd have downloaded the telemetry logs and graphed RSSI etc to get to the bottom of it. But in this case, who knows? Except that the club member in question has several unexplained crashes of various foam models over the last couple of years, and he's not a reckless or unskilled flier... so maybe the common denominator is the TX?
  21. Today a club-mate, flying with a Spektrum TX, buried an E-Fite foam wing into the turf from a pure vertical powered dive during which he had no control. It had a diddy little Orange RX in it with a pair of antennae each about an inch long. He said he'd had it in there for years with no problem... but today there was a problem, a terminal one.
  22. A few photos from yesterday's re-maiden (also with added black trim to wing LE for better head-on visibility). Dry weight now 5.5lbs but still comparatively very Lite, and slows down beautifully for landings exactly where I want to put it down. Extra power very noticeable with, for e.g., knife-edge (not me yet...just when my mate was flying it!)
  23. A few recent tweaks: Completed mods to wing-saddle to permanently bring incidence up from -0.8° to +0.7°. Moved battery back to its original berth above the TE (losing 30 of the 50g I had on the tail, CG still at 111mm). Changed aileron lead plugs to single Max-Loc connector - much simpler and more secure (it clips in place). Swapped out original Futaba S3001 tail servos for more powerful Hitec HS485HB units. Re-engined with Irvine 53 on a 12x6 prop - very happy with the extra power (reduced timer from 11 to 10 minutes, using 10oz tank, timer active at over 20% throttle).
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