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  1. I have tried it on 2 different chargers and get the same reading. To be on the safe side I will retire them. I need an excuse to try out some HRB Lipos
  2. Thanks Think it is time to dump those 2 lipos then and replace them
  3. Have 2 6s 40000 lipos and when I check the battery resistance 5 cells had a reading of between 3 and 7 but one cell had a reading of 57 I take it is time to replace these 2 battery. The second lipo had a reading of 5 cell again had a reading of 3 to 7 but again 1 cell had reading of 37
  4. At least Motion RC do carry spare parts for all there models. So whish now I had brought the Freewing 90mm F16 now instead of the Eflite 80mm one with no spare available what so ever
  5. Just had a reply from Horizion Hobby Europe They confirmed they will not ship anything to the UK due to the EU complication. Funny how do all these Horizion Hobby Kits get here then. Be warned if you buy a Horizion Hobby model you will not be able to get any spare parts for then now
  6. Just emailed Horizion Hobby in the USA and ask why they will not back up their model here in the UK by refusing to send spare parts to the UK. Be interesting to see what they say
  7. Just emailed Horizion Hobby in the USA and ask why they will not back up their model here in the UK by refusing to send spare parts to the UK. Be interesting to see what they say
  8. Still waiting on my parcel. It has been stuck at Charles De Gualle airport now for 8 days. Fed Ex are just not up to it. Can not go through this again. Motion RC really need to change there courier but I do not think Motion RC are really interested in the UK market so are not that bothered about the problem
  9. Again rang some well know model shops who do spare parts for models and both told me the just can not get Horizion Hobby to send them any spare parts for the Eflite 80mm F16. They said there is nothing they can do, it is out of there hands. It is not a case of it will take X amount of time to get them from the USA. They just can not get spare parts for the Eflite 80mm F 16 Bear that in mind if you are considering buying the Eflite 80mm F16. My advice is buy the Freewing 90mm F16. Then you can get spare parts for it and it is cheaper. Whish I had done that now. Never going to by an Horizion Hobby model again
  10. Chris w Well there you go. A company that cares about it's customers. Laser are first class and Jon is very helpful even if you want info and it is not a Laser. May be these big companies like Horizion Hobby should look how Laser and Jon treat their customers. They could learn a lot from how Jon/Laser treat customers. Shame a lot more companies do not respect their customers No more Foames for me back to the workshop and start getting out the Balsa
  11. So what is the point of spending £600 on a Eflite 80mm F16. Have one heavy landing and that puts the model out of commission because there are no spare parts in the UK. Funny they seem to be able to keep the kits fully stock in the UK but not the spare parts. Rip off comes to mind. They are happy to sell you a £600 kit but can not be bothered to keep spare parts for that kit I have gone back to building my own again. These expensive Foamy EDF are just a cash cow, easy money and once you have brought the kit you are on your own Any one want to buy a Eflite 80mm F16 minus a front landing gear????
  12. Getting fed up All these companies like Eflite and Arrow are promoting their new EDF and pushing you to buy all these nice new EDF, but and in my opinion it is a big but. Both Eflite and Arrow do not back these EDF with spare parts. Try getting spare parts for say Eflite 80mm F 16 or Arrows F15!!!!!! Almost impossible. The only company that surport spare parts for their EDF is Freewing/Motion RC but the down side of trying to get spare parts from Motion RC is they use Fed Ex and they keep loosing my parcels I have stop buying anymore EDF because of this spare part problem
  13. It just go from bad to worse with Fed Ex. Been told they can not give me a delivery date on my parcel any more because it is stuck in France A call to Pay Pal again to get my money back Come on Motion RC dump Fed Ex and get a courier who can deliver a parcel with out loosing it
  14. Fed Ex have given me the worst problems. So far no parcel has arrived on time. They lost one parcel completly and their Customer service is abosolutly rubbish. That if you can find someone to talk to!!!!!!!! Their tracking is a complete joke Why oh why do Motion RC continue to use them
  15. Anyone tell me what the Freewing 90mm F4 Phantom fly like. Have several Freewing EDF but been told the F4 Phantom is tricky to fly (that us by someone who has never flown the Freewing Phantom) 6s or 8s???????
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