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  1. In the end I had to choose between Weston & the LMA show at Marcle. No brainier for me as it is my local club . Entrance was £10 for non members . Trade stands while reduced were better than expected I even managed to find a 4S LiPo I needed. The flying display put on by the LMA was as ever superb , just love those big planes and , for me, the Vulcan is still the most magnificent site at a model show. Helped by the perfect weather. Think I made the right choice but I would have done both if the dates had not clashed…. Tim
  2. Try 4-maxStand-offs . Anything up to 15 cm by the look of it. Tim
  3. Personally I now prefer to use Sbus for wing connections. Only ever 1 lead to connect. Tim
  4. No backup Tx for my Horus X10 but model memories saved to my Mac. Really hoping the X20 is eventually able to import those files then I might think about buying one. Tim
  5. Chris , real model pilots print them for you at 1/16 scale. That’s where most of the gnat builders went. Check out the provost and gnat builders thread where there’s some discussion over choice. Tim
  6. Interesting Neil, I was fairly convinced about that characteristic as well so I follow the same practice. Tim
  7. Used to fly with Pete Litley , the founder of Penn models back in the 70s . Top man and glad the service is continuing. Tim
  8. I have, in the past, thought of cutting the excess rear motor shaft but decided to live with it as after enquiring of the manufacturer I was told it would invalidate the warranty. If it’s an expensive new motor something to consider. Tim
  9. Indeed Horus OS always required a trigger for each model. I always use Rx volts as a trigger. Tim
  10. Bob, interesting re the neuron parameters . On the Horus OS it only ever recorded ESC values( correctly) and never the BEC values . (They were there because I know you got them ok on OpenTx). Plus none of the neuron TM values appeared in the TM log which was very annoying. Are they there now ? Tim
  11. I just print an A4 page full of the pesky things onto vinyl and peal one off whenever required. Non faded yet and easy to peel off and replace. Tim
  12. Andy , was your X10 running OpenTx or frsky os before you installed Ethos. Just wondering what happened to model memories. tim
  13. When we first migrated to the new site I tested out the search facility. Notwithstanding some of the extra search options make it much better than previously there were some major issues. Primarily a multi word search in standard search syntax ie “grunau baby” works perfectly on my iMac but but not on my iPad. Put another way the the search on the iMac gives me only grunau baby results while the iPad gives me absolute everything that has baby in it ! I have no idea what PCs or mobiles do with the above search syntax . Not seen anyone else commenting on this feature so I was wondering if it was on the list of bugs to fix or not? Tim
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