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  1. If you are trying to compare to the cost of a new ARTF then I would have thought that you should allow for the cost of replacing materials taken from ‘stock’.
  2. @Matt Carltonyou can always put the machine screw in from the bottom of the mount with the nylocs washered against the engine lugs. If you can’t get at the heads then use slotted heads and solder a wire between 2 of the bolts. @Nigel Rthread contact is relevant, a bolt that is too small will allow movement which will cause elongation of the lug holes.
  3. IMO it's the fit in the engine mounting lugs that is important (3mm for an OS 46LA?), a ST is not necessarily going to be the correct diameter plus the surface of the ST in contact with the lugs is going to be less than a machine screw (if it's a fully threaded one).
  4. Personally I would use 3mm mounting bolts either tapped into the mount or through bolted with nyloc nuts.
  5. Going to be there on Saturday, trade stand attendance looks to be somewhat ‘light’
  6. TBH when I had the problem with the X series FrSky Rx (not just the X8!) I seriously contemplated changing my radio gear from FrSky to Jeti. However with over 50 models ( now over 60!) and each with their dedicated Rx, the cost of changing was prohibitive. I also looked at it logically and with no issues in any of my other, non CDI, models I was confident that the FrSky system was excellent and that is still my view today. The CDI issue was ‘easily’ overcome by replacing the Rx with different ones on my (now dwindling) petrol engines models. Like Matty I now wait a bit before adopting any ‘new’ technology although I have plunged into ELRS and find that ‘bang for buck’, wow!
  7. Just noticed, the tailwheel only retracted for 1 shot!
  8. Them's spot on Kev, absolutely great shots.
  9. But you shouldn't have to get out off your car to check that the area is clear!
  10. Excellent, glad it’s sorted!
  11. Sounds like a normal flying day at our club then!
  12. Just thinking about it, there was problem running latest versions of Companion on older version of Mac OS so it could well be that is the problem. To test this you could try an older version of Comanion, say 2.2. But if you just need to setup logging then that can be done from the Tx, ditto telemetry and logical switches.
  13. Well you've got the icons so it should be installed, but to check you can go to Applications and look for it under there
  14. I would certainly try and come in under power, the throttle gives you altitude and the elevator speed!
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