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  1. A thing is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, they are not being forced to pay what is being asked. No different to selling ‘collector type’ cars or motorbikes. On the latter, just look to see how much a 1968 Bonny, a Triumph Hurricane X75 or a Manx Gold Star are up for sale for. Sorry that you’ve taken my comments personally, all I have done is state the facts!
  2. Sorry Jon but Laser are the cause of the problem. You produce brilliant engines, introduce new ones that have the ‘WOW’ factor, everyone raves over them but, and here is the fundamental problem (which you are always honest about) you don’t produce enough of them. If you did then supply would meet demand and the prices wouldn’t skyrocket!
  3. It’s not really cheating someone if they pay the amount that it’s for sale at, they only have themselves to blame for paying that amount!
  4. I have used their fuel in their engines but must say that the fuel does tend to froth up quite a bit (I don't know why!) and I've not been able to get any information on the oil type or content. Having said that, their engines perform absolutely fine on the fuel but, as I don't know the make up, I won't use it in my Laser engines.
  5. The GA30 is a single cylinder engine and they are really nice. I had some initial problems with mine (air in system which I didn’t realise so ‘tweaked’ the needles - big mistake!). Resolved with Jon and they have been running great over the last (couple of?) years. In between models at the moment, one was planned for my Wots Wot XL (currently Laser 180) but that is now reserved for a ‘different’ Laser so will probably go back in my Sbach.
  6. What, that you joined our club, and after we’ve all made you feel so welcomed?
  7. I can also vouch for how nimble Peggy Sue 2 is, B schedule no problem! However, for a truly spectacular sight the Sig Rascal (mine’s the 110” version) takes some beating. I converted mine to 10s power and it is fully aerobatic but does everything with so much grace!
  8. Personally I wouldn’t make it like the Sullivan one, with a separate handle for the drive cone. I would build it like the JE geared one with a gearbox as the end plate to the starter and use gears not a drive belt.
  9. I would suggest that he his definitely on the wrong site!
  10. You've made a good job of that Graham, well done.
  11. Personally I’ve never had a bent or warped doubler construction but then, as Mike says, I apply it in thin layers. Another ‘trick’ I use is to run a covering iron over the ply after an hour or so. I first tried this when I discovered that an edge hadn’t stuck down so tried the covering iron and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked!
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