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  1. Put a longer 3mm right through as said I have done this and it works.
  2. Why can’t I renew the BMFA membership but not the CAA.I want the insurance but not the caa
  3. I have noticed you can get iron on film covering by macgregor.only £10.00 a roll,has anyone used this and how did you find it?
  4. Do we need proof of double vaccination,before we can renew the CAA?
  5. Don’t get me started on that CAA nonsense,We need new members the hobby is dying out most flyers are in their seventies,what is the average age of BMFA members.very often you lucky if someone else turns up at strip.All you rule makers should get of your arses and go flying.
  6. One club I am requires a A certificate,the other doesn’t.What is the point of these proposals if we have fewer examiners?Clubs will have to let new members fly without an A.To be honest I join the BMFA for insurance only.
  7. Who the hell has come up with this ridiculous idea?it is a hobby,I know plenty of guys who have been flying for years without A or B tests and that looks likely to increase.The BMFA have to much time on their hands.
  8. Falling membership will become a serious issue for BMFA and clubs,The national Centre may not be viable
  9. I tend to use servo shop,excellent service and genuine servos.
  10. Open tx is all very well but you need a laptop, I don't have a laptop only a pad.
  11. Oratex is your best bet,expensive now solartex has gone.Goes on well and they do cub yellow.
  12. I use ic and electric,depending on the model,how I feel,and if I go in the van or car.Love all of it,we are all flyers at heart.
  13. You need a roll of laminating film that has a sticky side.A big roll is only about a fiver.
  14. I am coming to the point when I need to think about paint and fuel proofer.This will be on tissue over a solid surface,thinking of using humbrol enamel,then ronseal hard glaze clear.I will be using a four stroke engine.Any thoughts on this thanks
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