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  1. I was pressing the "Submit Reply" button. Then when I went back to it after leaving the forum it said my reply had been reinstated.
  2. I went back to it and did it again and it worked this time. Next time I have the problem I will try again on my other computer
  3. Nice job. Surely there must be a pond or lake in your area where you could test it? My Higgins 78 foot PT boat at speed.
  4. Twice now I have tried to answer peoples posts and inserted a picture. My post just vanishes. The last one suddenly appeared some time later.My latest on the Harmony thread just doesn't come up when I post it is only short but does have a picture
  5. Sorry to say that I do not even have a PDF file of the plans.
  6. I must admit that I chickened out of adding airbrakes.
  7. The one at Sarik is my original 55" one from many years ago. They don't list the Senior one so if you care to PM me you email address I can send you the PDFs. You can easily change the tail design. I like the V tail as it protects it against landing in rough ground but I don't mind people changing things to suit their own preferences
  8. Lying in bed in the early hours thinking, I wondered if you might be interested in building my Easter Eagle Senior. This powered glider is big. 82" span but with a very low aspect ratio wing. The result is a glider with amazing performance. I sold mine to a friend who uses it with a compact Canon camera. He flies at Minchinghampton Common and is always amused when the local glider fliers turn up...try and fly,then say "No lift today" and go home while his Easter Eagle is staying up for an hour on a 2200 Mah battery. My Easter Eagles have proved my theory about low aspect ratio gliders over a long time but the best proof came at a huge Vintage Glider Rally a few years ago at Tibbenham. There it was a perfect day, calm, warm and sunny. Gathered at the rally where all the great names is high performance gliders from the past, Minimoas, Rhonsperbers etc. About midday a huge thermal came through and everyone scramble to get airborne.It was a wonderful sight to see at least 20 great sailplanes going up in the lift. What really made my day with the proof of my theory because right at the very top and going up faster than all the others was a Slingsby Sedbergh.. Yes, the good old "Barge"! Two Easter Eagles in formation. I seem to remember that the smaller one was the 55" span version A shot of my village taken from the EE Sr from over a mile away. The arrow is pointing at my house. I am not sure if the EE Sr plans are available from Sarik. Must check but I have PDFs if they are not
  9. I have now taken some photos of my electric conversion and thought that I would put them on the thread A square hole is cut in F-1 and a plywood box is fitted to bolt the motor on. The former is cut away to allow air through to cool the battery The top is simply cut away to make the hatch and Velcro is stuck down on the existing tank bay floor. This will take a 3000 4S battery. A hole is cut in the belly and an air scoop is fitted to cool the ESC The air outlet is made but cutting away most of the instrument panel in the cockpit. The hatch is retained with two very simple brass strips which pop over a couple of screws which have had their heads cut off. Obviously when doing the conversion on a new model it can be made much more neatly
  10. Well I used to throw mine around a bit (Not too wildly) and it never failed. The struts take a lot of that load.
  11. My standard wing structure for aerobatic models is leading edge sheet back to the spar and just webs all along the front face of the spare. However I can't really remember on this model. IT does look as if I did not use webs beyond the brass tube. It also looks as if I didn't use webs on the rear spar but I would have filled in between the spars with balsa round the tubes. If you want to add webs all down the spar please feel free to do so. I have to admit that when I look at another person's plan I quite often say "I wouldn't have done it that way!" and so I have absolutely no objection to people building for my plans to say the same thing.
  12. Well it is finished and ready to test when the wind drops to civilised levels and the temperature rises above freezing and the mud dries out enough to cross to the field without bogging down. 33" span a bit over 2 sq feet of area. Weighs just over 16 ounces This view shows the battery location This shows the ESC mounting.Plenty of cooling there The control set up is simple and possibly crude but it works. Power train is one of the £25 complete packages from4 Max Yellow panels are simply covering film covering the access to the Rx and satellite rx Hey, I managed to set out the pictures properly!!
  13. I did see one for sale on Ebay many years ago.It was quite local and I was tempted to buy it but didn't as I still have mine. A 70" span version would be spectacular. I suspect that many people do not believe that a high wing model can be just as aerobatic as a low wing one. They want to see my Peggy Sue and Peggy Sue 2 in action.
  14. Yes, The apple cheeks will work well. Just make sure that there is an outlet for the air as well. The conversion for Destiny is easy. The motor is mounted on stand offs on the fire wall. The battery hatch is simply cut from the existing cowl. When the time comes I will photograph the the nose modifications. I converted mine very quickly
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