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  1. That is great!!!. Would love to have seen that!! Mine still flies regularly.
  2. look forward to seeing this. Will photograph it in the air all being well
  3. That is good news. The Ohmen is my stand by model too. I am waiting to get flying shots of a very similar model called "Hound Dog"
  4. I have said this many times but it seems that it needs saying again. Go and buy Kemode's book "Flight Without Formulae" First written in the 30s and so good that it is still in print today. If you are into mathematics buy Kermode's "The Mechanics of Flight" which is basically the same book with all the maths you could wish for.
  5. I set all my designs up with zero wing and tail incidence and no side or down thrust.
  6. You can download a 50" span version from Outer Zone. https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=8873
  7. It is about 60" span. I will check with Mick. IT was built from an old kit that he got a while ago and he can't remember the name. There is a Build blog on this forum but I couldn't find it. I will get mick to add some details.
  8. Club mate Mick King test flew his De Havilland 71 Tiger Moth yesterday
  9. We could do with a bit...A LOT...more of that here
  10. Sounds brilliant idea. In our club two or three people do it all!!
  11. I have a saying that should help with this "You can't see it at 50 feet"
  12. A few mornings ago at 8am we had the USAF 747 airborne Pentagon accompanied by 3 fighters low over the house. Horrendous noise and I couldn't down stairs and out in time to see them.
  13. Ah well, If you are talking about hacking a shaft off or hammering a shaft through, well we used to call people like that "Black pudding benders" but anyone in that category shouldn't be allowed any where near a piece of precision machinery
  14. I know KC and then to make it perfect for you why don'e the screw on the propeller mounting for to save that tedious job.
  15. George at 4-max told me how to cut off that shaft. Take a small polythene bag. Make a tiny hole in it and slide that over the shaft and tape the bag tightly round the motor. 30 seconds with a cutting disc in a Dremel and the job is done. Almost too simple and easy!!
  16. I use 4-Max motors and ESCs exclusively and find them really excellent. I rely on George for advice always and his suggestions always give perfect results. (I know exactly what an ic engine will do but working out what power any electric motor will give is a black art!!!)
  17. It works very well for wing tips too. Not the Chaos of course but for round tips.
  18. As I have mentioned in another thread...or maybe the early stages of this one Amazon sell lipos. They also do a lot of other R/C related stuff
  19. I print out the ribs or cut them off the plan. Mount them on the balsa (or ply) sheet and cut them out individually then use the first set to cut the other wing set. It might take a little longer but it works well When I have a parallel chord wig I make a ply template and still cut each rib out individually. This is very economical with wood as one can interweave each rib and get more out of a sheet.
  20. After weeks of weather and a long lasting cough and cold we had a prefect afternoon and I got my Mini Super test flow,Not the prettiest but it flies very nicely and does great rudder/elevator rolls
  21. Fun Fly models are great!!! This is my Aerobic senior. About 30" span. Only a 3S 450 Mah battery and I usually flatten it. I must finish the plan and article some time but I am completely burnt out design wise at the moment.
  22. Having read through a load of these posts I can't help thinking that the new owners must be wondering at the mentality of a lot of their readers.
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