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  1. Is it a new servo? It’s fairly well known that if electronic components are going to fail, it’s most likely close to the beginning of service life. Maybe a shame that you’ve opened it up if that’s the case but it could be worth returning it to the supplier.
  2. Best to wait until the house is vacant - for some reason, our better halves often seem to raise strange objections to the repurposing of domestic equipment…
  3. Would it be worth asking a supplier of 10m lengths whether they could source longer pieces? They may even be cutting them from a bulk supply themselves and simply listing the longest popular length.
  4. Anyone who knows the "cantankerous old man" this post refers to will be laughing out loud at this comment! Brian has enthusiastically promoted model flying to young (and old) people for decades and although he sports less hair and what remains is somewhat greyer, his attitude to flying - and life in general - hasn't changed much since he taught me to fly models the best part of 50 years ago.
  5. I have a recollection of being told that bungees for full size glider launching were traditionally stored under water in the dark although the one we had at Dunstable in the late 70s/early 80s was simply laid on a shelf in the parachute store [a dry but windowless room]. As these were [likely?] to have been natural latex based perhaps this might be the answer to delaying degradation?
  6. It’s often useful to give the head of the fastener a sharp hammer tap via a punch or other drift to break any bond of corrosion. I’ve also used “Screw Grab” to assist where worn or damaged fixings have been encountered - a paste containing diamond or similar dust which improves the grip of the (correct!) tool. Useful stuff to keep in the tool box…
  7. Not everyone will necessarily be able to follow the (excellent) advice to measure the voltage under load, which may sound daunting to someone without a modicum of electrical knowledge and without the ability to make suitable connections. It would be far easier to beg, borrow or buy a Wattmeter which makes connection simple and will display the under load voltage along with the current, calculated wattage etc.
  8. I’m not at all sure that the RTA applies to a private field - although it does apply to anywhere with public access such as a deserted supermarket car park etc. As such, any accidental damage claim is likely to be regarded as a civil matter so the club should simply advise the involved parties that they should sort the matter out off site and make it clear that the club won’t take sides or tolerate any bad behaviour at the field.
  9. As per Nigel's suggestion - the gaskets are usually aluminium shims and can bind to the head and be almost invisible unless disturbed.
  10. Hard work, isn't it! Nice take off and landings too...
  11. Those who know the exact circumstances are best to make any judgement in this particular instance but a request to settle the issue mutually with an observation that the club cannot tolerate overt aggression at the field might be in order. We do have a rule which states that membership may be terminated should someone behave in a way which “promotes a disharmonious atmosphere” - a bit of a catch all which happily has never even come close to being applied. Should it be invoked, the member(s) affected have the right of appeal to an EGM. Maybe something for other clubs to consider?
  12. It's not possible to heat treat piano wire as far as I'm aware. Heating it will soften it and any attempt to re-temper it will leave it brittle enough to snap on a normal landing! A heavy vice and a copper hammer is what I use for large diameter piano wire.
  13. Can’t you simply fit 3S batteries and use a prop/motor combination to suit the Limbo Dancer?
  14. I was just looking at it and wondering how it would interface with a receiver as there is no obvious 3 wire connector for a throttle channel input so this may well be one of the dedicated flight controller models that Dick mentioned. In addition, you are aware that it doesn't include a BEC, Erf?
  15. I've seen a few injured wrists from pusher prop strikes from so this sort of model makes me a little nervous - did you ever get to launch it from the dolly?
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