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  1. How can anyone object to such a delightful aroma? It's up there with coffee and freshly baked bread!
  2. According to Dave at SM, sealed glow fuel will last almost indefinitely so I would use it.
  3. Well, that’s one engine where the crankshaft isn’t taking any thrust load on its front bearing Jon!
  4. If I recall correctly (and of course providing it’s a similar design) inlet is the rear one - for confirmation, there should be a fuel feed pipe closer to it than to the exhaust nozzle.
  5. It’s fairly common to see crows in trees around my way. Not many answer to the name Tim though.
  6. May be misleading but I’d add a few feet of cable to drop the voltage a little if those plugs are burning as brightly as they appear!
  7. Your American must have been a member of the nearly flat earth society - the earth’s curvature would only allow him to see around 40 miles from that height.
  8. I can certainly think of several examples where our local council has implemented schemes which have caused traffic chaos for no discernible reason other than seemingly wanting to be seen to be “doing something”. One totally unnecessary new set of traffic lights on a roundabout which flowed well even at the busiest of times was switched off and quietly removed within a few days - as was a similar scheme that they persisted with for several weeks until public pressure (iirc supported by the police due to numerous minor accidents) had the junction reverted to its previous configuration.
  9. I experimented with a number of geriatric SLA batteries recently after reading various methods involving topping up the “sealed” cells, pulse charging, shock charging, extended float charging etc. etc. Not one of them came back to any meaningful extent.
  10. I do wonder why aeronautics wasn’t corrupted to Airnautics - the reason often given for the widespread adoption of the word airplane being that the “aero” prefix sounds old fashioned to US ears. What do I know though - I still enjoy referring to radio frequency receiving apparatus as wireless… On the subject of heavier than air flight, I’m firmly in the Sir George Cayley camp. Derek Piggott’s flight in the replica of his machine adds great weight to his claims and proves that there was a reasonable measure of aerodynamic stability and control inherent in the design. Cayley stated that a form of internal combustion engine needed to be developed before heavier than air flight could be sustained but didn’t live long enough to take advantage of the Otto Cycle.
  11. Clarence is on the other side of the big wet bit just to the west of you John, where the corrupted version originated. I certainly don't hear the abbreviated word at my club and I don't think it's generally in use even by the internet generation. I'm sure we were all educated properly by copious repeats of Reach for the Sky! 5 minutes 40ish....
  12. I'm afraid this method comes over like one of those clickbait adverts which litter the internet - a hook and then pages of vague information, leading (presumably, because I've never got that far) to an opportunity to part with money. Presuming this is not the intent, perhaps some more information detailing the "wonder method" would invoke more interest? Otherwise, pitching it at forums such as this with an audience of many long term modellers who have evolved teaching methods over decades isn't likely to tempt industrial or organisational interest.
  13. How about trying T-Cut? No experience of it but cutting compound might well remove the ingrained top layer. "As well as for use on vehicles, T-Cut can also be used around your home in a range of restoration projects on products such as domestic appliances, windows and doors, garden furniture and more."
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