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  1. I made an earlier suggestion that perhaps multiple records could be claimed e.g. RC, IC, EP as well as the grand total - maybe not too late for the organisers to collate?
  2. Cracking video - really well produced…does Stuart do this sort of thing for a living?
  3. As a supplementary event to the mass flying record attempt this lunchtime we held a mass Ohmen flight. Sadly, not all of our recent club project members were able to be there but we did manage to get 7 Ohmens flying simultaneously.
  4. Get the best of both worlds and build it as an FW190D !
  5. All Lasers are 4 strokes Robert. The sizes are in cubic inches [360 = 3.6 cu.in. or approximately 60cc] and the suffixes v and i denote V twin and inline twin. FT prefix is for the flat twins. Edit: Frank beat me to most of the info!
  6. I had a red .46 from new which had a loose fitting (rubber sealed) front bearing. It initially manifested itself by a refusal to stop...it would run for minute or two with the throttle completely closed...but progressed to spinning in the housing before I realised the cause, which was air leaking past the bearing and its housing. There was a lot of oil migration past the front bearing and I had assumed it had a shielded rather than sealed bearing which I stripped the engine to change - finding an intact RS version. Refitting with Loctite Bearing Fit located it securely and sealed it perfectly - and it stopped as soon as the throttle was closed.
  7. The principle of using the vehicle battery as off grid storage looks great for the environment at first sight but I wonder if the additional cycles have any significant effect on battery life? Has anyone costed out this aspect?
  8. I'm trying to follow some of the views above with many apparently valid but contradictory arguments. Is it not the case that in most models with the possible exception of some specialist designs far removed from a Ben Buckle Buccaneer, a pitch change due to a different power setting from the moment between the thrust direction and the centre of pressure will cause the centre of pressure to move as the angle of attack changes? This will necessitate a change of trim unless the pilot wishes to hold the stick pressure - in most real world flying, these changes are less frequent and there's only a small workload in re-trimming. Contrast this with a scale or sports model flying circuits - instead of a couple of minutes or more between power changes, we're only spending a few seconds between climb, cruise and descent - hence some designs adding semi-automatic compensation for pitch and yaw effects in the form of down and side thrust. Perhaps - and especially in regard to the OP's question - it's simply a case that there's no right, wrong or absolute answers here - just explanation of the reasoning behind individual designers' and pilots' preferences...
  9. I've come to this thread rather late but I recognised that fuselage instantly - a couple of years ago,my club was given a piece of one...a section of fuselage skin including part of the front port overwing window frame from an He111 which crashed a couple of miles from our field on its way to do damage to Coventry. We've mounted it in a display frame on our clubhouse wall. So far, nobody has volunteered to rebuild it - although I'm told there may be some more bits forthcoming...
  10. 1 hour ago, IDD15 said: I think it only fair we should acknowledge the subsidies handed out to ICE drivers: Autumn Budget Fuel duty has been frozen since 2011 and now reduced: Fuel duty rates 2022-2023 As the saying goes “the only two certainties in life are death and taxes” idd I think the increased VAT total collected on fuel more than justifies any small reduction in fuel duty!
  11. Just don’t forget that those of us doing so are helping subsidise your use of the roads. As I said in an earlier post, taxation will inevitably catch up with electric vehicle use but for many of us doing lower mileages or those without easy access to charging facilities, the economic and environmental arguments don’t add up yet. The tone of some comments in favour of switching does come over as a measure of preaching to those of us sitting on the fence but equally, many points made in the discussion are unarguably valid.
  12. Little or no prop/torque effect at idle. The worst effect would be on a dead stick model where the throttle stick wasn’t brought back to the bottom but I’d doubt that the rudder deflection is big enough to make a significant impact on the result of the situation.
  13. Or a multi point curve applied to the mix - although when I’ve trimmed models for a vertical climb using a simple throttle to rudder mix it’s seemed to give acceptable results for general flying.
  14. I flew a large Buccaneer (probably one of the 90 inch versions) for a club mate some years ago and it was extremely sensitive to power changes but very unresponsive without power applied - I’ve no idea whether it was built accurately to plan but it made for an interesting challenge using blips of power to make heading changes on the approach without overshooting. Perhaps you can find an experienced flyer who could help you with some mixes or trimming the thrust lines as if it behaves in the same way it won’t be easy to fly despite the apparently benign looking design.
  15. Peter Miller is a long time proponent of no thrust line offset at all so I doubt he’ll give you any reasons why it’s a good idea. Down thrust counteracts pitching up with power and compensates for large differences between the centre of lift and centre of gravity - in practice, high wings benefit from downthrust and low/mid wings much less so. Side thrust gives a proportional correction for torque/propeller effects so can reduce workload - very beneficial for single channel or free flight where the practice originated. Nowadays, we have a left and right thumb to use on the majority of models and purists will just use them. Some mixing will reduce workload at the expense of developing expertise.
  16. I have no axe to grind here. I might buy an electric car at some time in the future but with the relatively low mileage that I do with my (formerly environmentally friendly) diesel with £30 annual road tax, it would take many years to break even (and see my penultimate paragraph). Charging, while not impossible for me, would require some major reorganisation of my parking/vehicle storage arrangement plus complex (and no doubt expensive) electrical installation work - and I certainly sympathise with the increasing number of people with properties in unsuitable locations. Some major infrastructure changes needed to accommodate flat dwellers and on-street parkers… Green? Maybe not as much as it would appear at first sight with significantly more environmental impact in manufacturing electric cars and batteries but I agree that city dwellers will benefit from removal of pollution at the point of use. The elephant in the room though is how long will it be before a method of taxing electric car use will be implemented - either direct taxation or via stealth means such as smart metering of electricity. Lots to consider before jumping in to make the switch.
  17. Apologies if my IQ isn’t high enough to understand what “wow hot topic! no wonder i've not posted on there. Boring..” actually meant. Where was the OP not posting? On “there” - or maybe he actually meant here? Boring? Yes, the example posted was particularly so - it left me cold and didn’t tempt me to probe deeper. Was the OP telling us that “there” was boring? Maybe others were similarly uninterested in exploring further after such an uninteresting sample. There are a plethora of “channels” and “blogs” of varying quality and content so visiting all of them is impractical and many are a waste of time. I wasn’t going to get involved in what was a slightly petty comment on my response to a rather confusing post, which has rather obtusely clarified the issue but it seems that it’s provoked some robust comment. Perhaps we can move on from here and confine further discussion to the merits of the YouTube channel.
  18. Is this a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke? Which engine size/version?
  19. In order to protect delicate sensibilities north of the border and remove any element of misunderstanding, I've edited all occurrences of the FUD acronym to capital letters. Perhaps any further use of the term could adopt the same convention?
  20. I’m not sure that I’m following the reasoning behind this post. A short video featuring stop/go animation of odd bits spelling words? Certainly bored me very quickly…
  21. I don't know how a ratio of 1021:27 reflects against vehicle totals but I wonder how hybrid vehicles have been accounted for in the LFB statistic quoted? Also, the fire risk probably increases with older and less well maintained vehicles, skewing the statistics in the favour of electric vehicles which I have to assume will be younger on average.
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