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  1. 1 I'd love a laser radial of a size to power a 1/4 stearman or Waco 2 Please keep the singles going Great size for a simpler sport model 3 re Glow/Petrol I'm impressed by the reliability of the Lasers. I like my Saito petrols but they do have some reliability issues. Had 2 5-6min flights yesterday with the 200i in my H9 Vans. It didnt miss a beat and probably used less than 300ml fuel (paid $15AUD for 2litres so not too costly) Also a couple of flights with myLaser 80 powered Antic as the conditions were so nice for a slow float around the sky.
  2. According to the construction manual Ailerons 15mm each way Elevator 15mm Each way Rudder 50mm each way of a 10mm right rudder at neutral CG 65mm back from LE middle should be 3deg nose down Ted
  3. Good to see another in progress. Mike, your situation is virtually the opposite of mine. I have an engine with acres of space around it. Your solution will be very helpful when I get mine in the Tiger Moth.
  4. As per Jon's suggestion the air will be directed to the upper right side of the engine bay and exhaust psat some minimal baffleng around the engine. Left upper cowl will be blocked off hence the need for the duct.
  5. Martin its printed in clear PLA. I will paint with resin as its just tacked in place with CA at present. I had to flatten the side exit a little so heated with a heat gun (protecting the cowl with cloth and hope!) managed not to melt the cowl. I cant take credit for the CAD enlisted my enginering student daughter to do that.
  6. I printed a cooling duct to take air from the left side intake
  7. Received my 200i test engine today! Started surgery on the H9 Vans RV4 .
  8. I was given the wheels by a friend leaving the hobby. I suspect they were Topflite but cant be sure. I built form plans but I dont think the kit (if you can get one) includes wheels.
  9. Word of warning be very cautious with a filter, pre flight check. Once had my OS90 heli engine suck in the foam mesh of a filter mid flight the sudden stoppage of engine sound was not good! Scored the innards pretty well. This was one of the rubber boots with a plastic ring and foam inner.
  10. My newly maidened Antic powered by a Laser 80. Built from Proctor plans with a few tweaks. Video of the first takeoff and second landing.
  11. I took delivery of the CR6 last week. So far it’s been simple to assemble and prints have been good. My daughters hogging it at present printing a chess set for her boyfriend but I managed to do a test pilot.
  12. Thanks. A friend gave the plans to me not sure where he got them. The plans are very detailed. I have a Proctor Jenny kit waiting to be built and this was my test run in learning the Proctor way of doing things. Mainly handling the thin ply and spruce. There’s very little balsa in the build.
  13. It’s a Blackburn monoplane handed on to me by a former club member to complete but other things keep getting in the way. I’m covering in Antique Solartex so some of the structure will be visible in silhouette.
  14. Not quite ready to fly but I like the bones. Proctor Antic built from plans powered by a Laser 80.
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