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  1. I don't often get involved with this sort of discussion but this time I will. I 100% agree with Jon, use both sticks fully - if you are inhibited in this (disabled?) then please ignore the whole of this comment. Creating a aileron / rudder mix will NOT cure the issue you are having. There is something else going on with the tail dropping which you need to resolve. Neater turns - solution - fly more often and focus more on flying one model until you get it right and feeling right.
  2. From what I can find it appears the QX7 on ACCESS or ACCST will not bind with Hitec receivers unless a Multi Module is fitted in the external module bay in the back. Even then I am not too sure the QX7 software could handle the MM.
  3. PatMc, With full size aircraft, the trim is adjusted for a fixed set of circumstances. Change anything and the plane gets re-trimmed. We as model flyers expect our planes not to change trim through the flight envelope, hence we modify our set up to limit the amount of change for variations in power / speed / attitude which would make full size aircraft inefficient due to extra drag produced.
  4. Been in a garage today (main dealer) with a faulty battery in new MPV stuck on a maintenance lift. The garage has already been waiting for the replacement battery from the manufacturers (who they represent) for 6 weeks with no indication of new delivery date. Not a good representation for electric vehicles. Personally electric is no use to me as I tow a 1.5t caravan with my car. Electric cars towing are not much use as the range is hopeless and there is no way to charge at the end of the journey. Charging points are not big enough for car / caravan combinations and service stations don't have electric points at caravan parking points. Hybrid may be possible but way to expensive to get something useable. I will be sticking to my 2004 diesel estate thank you very much.
  5. There is no such thing as a bad build log. There is always something to learn or new techniques or different ways of doing things. So please go ahead, watching and waiting......
  6. I have changed receiver in this machine for one with a built in stabiliser for training purposes. Flew it today and tweaked the gain, she seems nice and stable.
  7. Nigel, Don't jump to conclusions as to what is causing the issue, and certainly don't start adjusting your machine on a hunch. Do as Trevor says and do a dive test to confirm the CoG is correct in the first place, if not adjust accordingly. Remember the manufacturers recommended CoG is only a start point as are the control throws, you need to adjust to your own taste. If you read enough threads you will realise that some manufacturers can't seem to get these right or there are typos in the instructions. If you have added weight to the tail, then that is likely to exacerbate the issue you have now and have had from new.
  8. I had to laugh the other day driving home from work in the company van. I was on a dual carriage way and in a lay by was parked a Nissan Leaf. Nowt funny about that. In front of said car was a steel tube framed generator powered by a 4 stroke B&S engine, the likes of which can be seen on building sites. The generator was hooked up to the car! Green car?? In this instance I think not. It got me thinking - if the generator was not in the car, would it have made the trip it was on? How long would the car have to sit there to get enough meaningful charge to continue its journey?
  9. Contact Chris. If he does not pick up the phone, leave a message and he will call you back if you leave a contact number. He does not list all his plans. I have just got from him plans for an all wood CentiPhase and also the Hi-Phase together with a couple of canopies. The plans he has supplied are probably the best plans I have seen - very clear and well drawn.
  10. My Miles Magister maidened 1stMay. Full build here and there is a thread here.
  11. Thanks for that Trevor. As usual a few tweaks here and there are improving the flight performance and handling. Like the Chipmunk, she may need a stabilised receiver ready for the pupils to use.
  12. Well she flew today and returned home with no damage so that is a plus. Had a slight issue with servo horn alignments on the ailerons after covering and a reversed rudder which was all picked up on the pre flight. Range check showed as OK. First flight was kept short as a shake down and to allow me to stop shaking. 2nd flight was a bit better so explored the envelope a bit further. Loops were dead straight, did not have enough power left on for the 1st stall turn so it flopped over itself. 2nd stall turn much better. Then my heart attack moment, did a full deflection aileron roll - oh boy was it slow! Landed and doubled the movement on the surface control horn. Flew again, much more positive on the ailerons but I got a signal alarm which I have to check out on the telemetry. Video for you to enjoy - thanks to Clive for being camera man - not easy.
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