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  1. The gun that paint suppliers use aren't perfect, they matched up my wife's ( don't ask why ) Fiat 500 and it was much lighter, still it was perfect for the underside of my Spitfire,,,
  2. Jon, you can always announce that you are going to make a new batch of them at £300 a piece, and send him the publicity on them,,,
  3. I just looked at all of his other listings on eboot, obviously a greedy collector who has lost his mind
  4. Be careful with how much you use, it slows down the spin up rate dramatically !
  5. I used to have a Belgium railway 'fanatic' come over to my area in the summer, and stock up with mini servos and 2 channel radios which he installed into his locomotives to run them,, So when will we see your engines running ,.
  6. I built an N gauge circuit around 1971 the trains then were a disaster they would keep stopping and starting with the electric contacts on the rails failing the only one that didn't stop were the ones running from the pantographs, the Z gauge was no better, good luck with them.
  7. Nothing like a twin 4 stroke, but you can smell my video,,,
  8. Since I have balanced my blades this way Helicopter and Auto gyros I haven't had any vibrations in them, I started around 1990 doing this before then ( 1985 ) all my twirly machines just seemed to shake themselves to destruction,
  9. I can pass you some castor oil if you are missing that great smell,,, Ok just being my silly obnoxious self,,,,
  10. Ok thanks, I have a Saito FG-30 but I would 'one day' get another twin,,,and why not a Laser.
  11. Is it a 180 'in line' ?. If so I would like one for a Seagull Spitfire, not yet bought,, And yes I fly, just back from the model field !
  12. I used up all that 'slop' two years ago and in your Laser Jon, just goes to show what good engines they are.
  13. It's looks 'mummified" with castor oil, so it will live for a 1000 years,
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