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  1. On Rcgroups when you post an image you have a count of the number of people who actually looked at it, it's handy if you do a build thread to actually see if anyone out there is following it,,, My last 'Build',,,
  2. Probably 70% did cars 5% boats, the other 25% were planes of which 90% of the planes sold were never finished or crashed in a long lost field, the 10% of them left that actually finished their planes I gave them free flying lessons every Sunday morning, when they got into flying a low wing plane that was the last I saw of them, other than when they would get together 'hiding' behind a van with a model mail order catalogue getting their order together,,, Some of them now all over their 60's are still flying in our club,,
  3. That's some turnout for a place in the middle of nowhere !
  4. Forget about your BMFA members a drop in the ocean, I took statistics when I opened up my model shop and ( from memory ) BMFA members was less than 5% of my sales, as for the local club that I taught 90% of them to fly ( mode 2 ) came to around a weeks sales figures a year,,
  5. I saw a Tsr2 built by an Englishman at Les Vans,( 40 klm's north of me) it was a prop job with an undercarriage that made stilts look like high heels,, Finish what you have already started,,,
  6. Try this for petrol engines it's more progressive
  7. Nice but what stops them from twisting around the leg ?.
  8. Nothing like sticking wood together, Balsa kit 200€ engine 140€ glue and silk 30€ retracts 45€ ( not necessary )and the rest I had in stock, I love it,,,
  9. Out of interest I googled Catapult rubber,,,
  10. Nice, I can almost hear the OS 48fs surpass chugging away,,,
  11. It's the heat,,,,and price of petrol that has affected his brain,,
  12. Start by cutting the inside with a sharp modelling knife over a strong plastic support then the outside afterwards with scissors, if you don't it will deform and be useless, don't bother with a compass knife they are only any good for cutting vinyl. Here's one I did earlier (like Fanny Cradock ),,,
  13. I am not sure that I will be allowed in, French and English Nationality but my British passport has long gone so with all the paper work and Brexit I am not sure that Boris would grant me a visa, and with a Diesel the French "Greens" don't help I don't know if I will be allow to drive through the larger French towns, so sorry I won't be visiting in the future,
  14. I have seen a few mid air's and a couple of planes walked on ( my Stuka tail in the 80's)it's your plane, your risk, your loss, it's a risk as you say so just get on with it life is to short,,,
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