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  1. Nice flying Eric. I found with mine that dropping a just a couple of degrees of flap made the plane feel a lot better when flying scale like. The 88 is a lovely plane to fly
  2. Hi Folks. Just chipping in. I found mine to be the sweetest twin I've ever flown and on the electric motors recommended has no shortage of power and flies well on one engine as I found out and the rudder is amply powerful to hold things straight. A video was posted of it in flight which you may have seen before:
  3. Hi Folks. I thought the thread had closed and was surprised to see it was stirring interest. The Javahawk is still airworthy, and on its 3rd fan unit. A 55mm unit is the smallest I would suggest to allow the motor to be throttled back a little in flight.
  4. I have a Laser 120 in mine and she's nicely powered. The engine is quite compact and has plenty of headroom (Foot room?) inside the cowling.
  5. Hi. I use end grain balsa insulation boards. Easy Composites is but one UK supplier. It can be supplied in various thicknesses and has a cloth type backing which enables it to be glued in place. I fixed mine to a 12 mm MDF board 2 m long by 0.75 m wide, 25 mm thick and fixed it down with spray photo addhesive. I sanded mine perfectly level (as far as can be done) and it has been in use for a couple of years, with many more to come.
  6. Yay! I got the maiden and a couple of follow up flights in yesterday. She flew as sweet as all the others that have been posted here. The laser 120 is maybe a tad low on power for the vertical manoevres but looks a nice scale like combination none- the-less and needs a gentle dive to do a round loop. The wash in on the port wing has crept back in a little so she will stall to the left in an accelerated stall but she's predictable. Spins either way are good, and to the right enters a 1 turn spiral before the spin develops and stops within 1/2 turn when recovery is initiated. Maybe the Spin strakes are having some effect. I practiced the scale schedule plus a few extra attempts at spins and loops and found I still had 2/3 of a tankful left. Very frugal compared to the Gemini 160. The only issue in the three flights was on the 2nd flight when a flap clevis (M2 metal) that pulled off the threaded rod but even then on the approach when full flap was applied I saw the flaps come down together initially then an un-commanded roll which was easily overcome by the ailerons followed by another as I raised the flaps but made a safe landing anyways with the port flap flapping in the breeze. Now I have to find some threaded rod that will take solder as most of the rods I have are of Oriental origin and are non magnetic and don't take to solder.
  7. Hi Cliff, Nice one. I'm really glad to hear things worked out well for you. I hope the York gets finished, its a nice subject.
  8. Hi Folks, I finally have my Chippy ready for her maiden. Has a new Laser 120 fitted instead of the Laser 155 so there is a little more space in the cowling for the baffles to surround the engine. All up weight is 5.3kg (11lb 13oz) so nearly 1 lb heavier than I wanted even with built up balsa tail feathers so I am somewhat bewildered how Seagull recommend a typical 4.8kg (10Lb 9.5 oz) auw on the box cover. No ballast is fitted and she balances out between forward and rear limits with an empty tank. With the original tail feathers she would have ended up closer to 5.75kg-6kg due to the extra nose-weight that would have been required. Still she is what she is and should fly OK at her weight. Engine runs were uneventful with no apparent overheating issues and sounds lovely with the stock exhaust and scale like exhaust. The last item to be done is to source a light weight pilot for the front seat. Ady Edited By Ady Hayward on 21/11/2020 20:12:11
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