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  1. Hi folks, I has engine 1,5 ccm installed on the nose, learned out the engine is too heavy, then i must add 30 gram lead on tail, it's too much for a U/C Rascal stunt plane. The older engine AM-10 is difficult to find as it showed in the drawings. And the weight of spinner can be difference in weight in old days spinner and modern spinner. Can I shorten the nose to move the engine and get right GC instead add 30 gram lead on the tail? Will it affect flight characteristics?
  2. Here I live in Bergen in west Norway, there are often windy days. Then i add more weight in the fuselage (no change CG) to make the plane less sensitive for wind. Be sure the main wing are strong enough for a loaded fuselage. Under landing, no problem with a loaded plane against wind. Edited By Jens Eirik Skogstad 2 on 26/06/2020 12:39:21
  3. Thanks for all answer, I has Cox Babe Bee and Cox Black Widow. I want to use PAW 80 to run longer time due low fuel consumption. Wich propeller size is recommended for good climping ability in the PAW 80 since it's a stunt plane?
  4. Hi folks, I am planning to build the UC stunt plane who are powered by Cox 0,49 then I am thiking to repace with PAW 80. Is the PAW 80 strong enough to run the UC stunt plane and make maneuvers? What is your comments about to use PAW 80 instead Cox 0,49?
  5. Two engines of the same stroke volume, the one engine running on petrol consumes less fuel than the other engine running on methanol due to the high energy content of petrol: BTU per gallon (higher heating value) in petrol: 124,340 while methanol has BTU per gallon: 65,200. Then you are flying the model more longer in time with petrol engine..  Edited By Jens Eirik Skogstad 2 on 09/08/2019 07:42:24
  6. Hi folks! Yesterday i flew the DH-2 Beaver with camera installed inside the cockpit. The weather was strong wind 10-15 m/sec.. Tried with VR in a short tour due difficult to orientation around flying field. Took of and flew without VR in rest of time since the plane was not calm in wind. Got new experience and it's really funny to see around from cockpit. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EVt3HHGG7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rje518kNEw
  7. I can read russian in the subtitle since i am deaf man (i am married with ukrainian wife). The plane IL-2 was used to fight against german militar base in Finnmark in north Norway where i am born in Kirkenes. The part of fuselage was made of iron to protect the pilot and engine when they attacked against german militar base in low altitude. To read subtitle in english, switch to english in youtube.
  8. Hi, i am new.. I has Maricardo , the CoG is in the center of the support beam to the main wing and up to 0.5 cm in front of the support beam, balance with empty fueltank. The surface throw: Aileron - 1/4", elevator - 1/2", rudder 1"
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