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  1. Down our way I think we had 13 power fixed wing, one Heli and one RC hand-launched glider, plus 6 chuckies. The rain just about held off, and it was at least dry for the photo. Great fun.
  2. I shall do. The rudder comes to the end of its physical range before the end of the servo range, which is a pity because it is a waste of torque.
  3. And so, 4 becomes 2. More than a month just to deal with a hinge and fit two servos! I did not even have to put in bearers or linkages, just screw them in. Both surfaces have too much movement. They are in the servo arm holes that they came to me in, and bringing them in any further they would bind on the clevises. I shall leave well alone there. The rudder really needs a longer plate for the plate with the pull-pull wires so that the servo could be outside the wire attachment.
  4. It is morning, and the elevator does still move up and down.
  5. Now just the long wait to see whether what should be stuck is loose, and what should move is actually stuck...
  6. It has been flown a lot before me, on just the two hinges. But it does not seem to be a lot to hold a big surface so I'll put another one in. There is a pretty substantial bar on both sides of the hinge line, so there are no special places for the hinges. I thought I had lost the servo screws, but they turned up.
  7. New hinges dry fitted Not too bad. I managed to get some slow epoxy at Easter, so that will glue them in. Is grease, oil or vaseline best on the hinge to keep the glue off?
  8. Well, this is really moving slowly. However I bit the bullet today and it has gone pretty well. Cut the good hinge on broken side, and with some wiggling I was able to get that elevator half off the elevator joiner wire. That was a big relief as otherwise I had to take the other side off as well, and the rudder, and the closed loop wires... The Robart pins came out pretty easily. One pushed in (by mistake), two pulled out, one I had to drill out. It turns out that the hinges have been done before, one was off-centre because of a remaining stub. I am trying to get that stub out.
  9. That is beautiful. Well done on the restoration.
  10. As you already have a power supply, the Toolkit chargers do seem a lot better.
  11. I have got https://www.kingslynnmodelshop.co.uk/Chargers/c76/p13761/GT_Power_X4_Charger_4x100W_Charger-_Due_Early_Sept/product_info.html (I think it came from Kings Lynn) I use it AC at home, and DC from a LiFe leisure battery at the field. Four channels and four batteries keeps up with my flying, unless Child_flyer is there as well. It is convenient to carry around. I am pretty happy with it. The software is basic but functional. There seem to be two small bugs - to select 'up' 'down' you need to press different buttons in the main menu from the ones in all sub-menus - and if you press anything while the charger is doing its end-of-charge jingle then it will continue to beep loudly until you unplug it. The display gives information for only one battery, so you have to keep scrolling through. The discharge power is very limited, so it is certainly slow at home if I don't manage to fly all the batteries! I also find that each channel on this charger is slightly different on the individual cell balance. My other single channel chargers are slightly different again. I tend to have batteries in sets of four anyway, so I generally try to keep them each to the same port so they are at least balance consistently. The internal resistance measurement I don't think is as accurate as my Overlander charger.
  12. Fly it and wear it out looooong before that . (Only dreaming. Not enough time or skill unfortunately)
  13. This engine, or a brand new twin, V, flat, or inline with change for a secondhand model to fly it in? Hmmmm I wonder if the one-of-a-kind rare, fully original, cutting edge, prototype flat twin has the same appeal? The one in Jon's videos with the special hand-finished, two-piece open crankcase so that you can even see it work.
  14. As I had dithered so long, the Hitec servo was out of stock, so I went with @Jon - Laser Engines for a Savox, the 352 as they did not have the 351. The 352 is not much more money and seems to be basically the same but higher torque.
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