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  1. The usual problem with artfs like the Wotd Wot Foam E, is the decals start peeling and soon look tatty. The question is how best to tack the edges back down without damaging the foam?
  2. Unused. With flaps and ailerons hinged and ready. Offers
  3. I still fly a SAS Viper which predates my Wildthing that flew away!
  4. Does anyone remember a funflyer kit made by Haig Models for 35 to 40 engines. It was called a "Q.. something"! 50 inch span.
  5. Consider Blade 350qx series work with Dx6 or 7 on Dsmx. have gps and return home etc. stable take a go pro camera.
  6. Sorted the props 10 x5 with M6 inserts. Now I need to be able to charge the flight battery without access to a blade chroma one. I have an eflite 3 s balance charger but will iy connect?
  7. Does anyone have experience of these? I need spare props or at least to know what size or type I need. The motors seem to have m5 threaded shafts. For example, do the dji drone self locking props fit? thanks for the help
  8. Good condition grp cowl for 60 sized H9 Hellcat artf.
  9. Ok Jon understood and many thanks for the information.
  10. I have all those parts but removed them when I cleaned it. What would you say its resale value would be?
  11. Thanks Jon Can you identify it from these or I can take more.
  12. Could someone with long experience of laser engines please tell me the differences between the older amd newer versions of the 150 single cylinder? Is an older version worth working with? thanks
  13. Is a syphon fed airbrush better than a gravity feed for larger areas? Finally I need cups for a side feed cheap dual action brush that doesnt have one. I got a cup from China but its the wrong fitting. Mine seems to need a small male threaded screw in
  14. Hi, I am new to model paint spraying and I have several queries. How do I connect my old Badger 250 spray gun with its tiny air line to my compressor with its 1/8 bsp airline? Secondly what are the best paint types to thin down and spray over doped nylon? I am not sure about water based acrylics for this.
  15. Starting with clear shrinking dope I want to colour it as you cant easilyget it now. I have some success adding artists' oilcolour. Any other ideas for pigments?
  16. I am building or recovering several trad models... Keilkraft Falcon, Junior 60, KK Southerner, Buccaneer. All of them pose challenges in making acetate windows. Currently the Falcon needs glazing. I have made paper templates for the shapes of the windows, both from inside and outside the fuselage. Can others suggest whether the panels are best on the inside or outside?
  17. Thanks chaps thats fascinating stuff. Ill try and fly mine effectively rudder assist only.
  18. Does anyone remember / have experience of the vintage Dogan moulded sailplane, made I think by Vojtech Valenta of Czech origin. I acquired one several years ago and fancy flying it after a full refurb. Ive refixed the front hull plate where the servos etc go and done some cosmetic stuff as the model was in good condition. the problem is the rudder was not fixed and has no sign of hinges. there must have been a rudder post of balsa in the fin. I have downloaded some construction diagrams and the hing system for the rudder is not clear nor is its control horn fixing, which apears to be internal somehow. can anyone please throw some light?
  19. Tempting to just pair up 2 batteries
  20. Mine needs 7 oz when the 2200 lipo is right up beh8nd the motor.
  21. Did you need weight up front to get the cg at 37%?
  22. Can someone with experience of vintage or free flight aerodynamics please advise... I have a KK Southerner modified from the Ben Buckle kit for electric power. 60 inch wingspan. I wanted to make the tailplane removeable like the original and to have its leafing edge top sheeted as per the KK plan. The increased weight at the tail has brought the cg back. As the tailplane has an undercambered section and a large surface area by modern standards am I correct to think a lifting tail needs a further aft cg thsn woul normally be the case? Where might a good starting point be say 33 % back from le?
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