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  1. I agree unless you have the airspace to yourself, or extremely aware pilots it's impossible to practice a full B test without potential incidents...
  2. MattyB yes purchased Dec 2018 from T9 discussed the telemetry files at the time but nothing forthcoming. cant be asked now, if anyone wants a Horus x12s with Para and Access with 2 cell Lipo you can have it for £60 post paid ?
  3. Well Frank, you are right give the latest Github posts.... I can assure you I have changed both the firmware and Swapped out the internal module. Even tried the Access upgrade. Each time the Taranis out performs. It is without doubt the most expensive doorstop I own. Looks good and it's a shame but it's not worth taking the risk. Its usable if you turn the volume down ?
  4. Hi Bob My x12s has always had bad RSSI be it flying or range check. Amy Taranis 2019 SE bound to the same model is nearly double the distance at range check. I get the first warning RSSI @35 at 30 paces and critical at @32 two paces further, just changing the TX and I can walk over 60 paces before I get a critical.... I have always had to use the external antenna even with ACCST. Even VFR starts to disappear while the Taranis is rock steady. Just have no confidence it it so never use it. When you have spent 400 hours building a scale model you don't want to keep hearing signal critical
  5. I have a Horus x12s and it's RSSI has always been less than useless. I have even put in the Access internal module and that is just as bad. Never use it as it just keeps warning me that I am about to crash my model... It it is now used as a very expensive door stop, I was going to try the new ETHOS software but it's not worth the effort. Will just keep my Taranis.....
  6. Personally, the book is just right.Thanks for sharing "your pain!"?
  7. Great book Peter, got mine on kindle. Lots of content but put in a way even I can understand it. Practicing for my B test, but will look again at trimming and a TX tray. Thanks
  8. John, no problem with the other parts, so just a little more practice on the stall turns and getting the rolls in the correct place we shoud be able to put it all together.....
  9. Hi Guys, Well putting the ideas into practice was fun today. Bottom line is I can now perform what would pass as a stall turn! A crosswind did not help as it would only turn one way. So straight and level fed in the power up into wind did not take the throttle down much and before it stopped blipped the throttle as I put in full rudder and over she went. Horah! As for the sudo tick over, I always have the prop turning a little as it helps slow the approach especially if the wind is light. As stated you can also tell if the kill switch and failsafe are working. Thanks for the advice chaps Charlie
  10. Hi Guy, lots of good suggestions that I can try tomorrow. Compared with my other models, all plan built the Calmato is bigger and heavier, so maybe I am waiting too long before adding Rudder and therefore missing the momentum. Still good discussion. Cheers PS Martin, The Rudder throws are 35mm each direction at full rate. Some time ago I also increased the rudder size by an additional 20mm (aft)
  11. OK John Will try it on Friday I think the weather is looking reasonable. If it works then I will need to use a different model for the test as I just couldn't get it to stall... typical
  12. Sorry, a little I have moved the c of g back a little so I can get it to do the stall spin, Lets say the marked c of g is 80 -90 cms and I have it at about 95 cms
  13. Hi John, It tracks straight up without any rudder, unless its a crosswind. Elevator is relaxed at the top of the climb I then put in the rudder. either just after I kill the throttle. It changes end at the top i.e. comes nose down but not when or where I want it ? I have found with my other models it is easier to do a stall turn downwind but with this it makes no difference which way. Its almost laughing at me
  14. Hi Guys, thanks for the replies. I agree prop wash is needed, but even a wing over at full tilt doesn't make the thing go over.... John, I have three rate settings 100% (take of and landing) - 65% (normal flight) and 45% (just in case) used all of them to no avail. It is very strange Cheers
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