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  1. yep each channel on the charger can do this ... the screens are also very clear and intuitive ... In terms of the power supply more options here http://coolice.co.uk/cccases/coolice-psu-s.html
  2. Just set this up over the last couple of weeks and I am very pleased with it. Offers tremendous flexibility (can charge 4 batteries at the same time with different or identical chemistry) at a very good price. The charger is a Hota F6 The power supply (1500 watt, 25 volt, 62.5 amp) is extremely well put together and provides more than enough power for the charger to deliver its full potential (250 watts per channel / 1000 overall -note some chargers require 48 volt power supplies to deliver anywhere near the maximum claimed. The power supply was supplied by [email protected] and was made and delivered within less than a week of ordering (with the specified xt60 lead) for the cost of £100. Ian has various threads on RC groups forums for those that want a further look Might be worthy of consideration for those that want a fairly powerful and flexible charging solution
  3. Horses for courses = some excellent testing done here ?
  4. Except that you don't have to plug the balance lead of the lipo into the current reader every time you fly and take it out again at the end. This is fit and forget - you do what you normally do. I might be lucky but as I balance charge my batteries before I fly them I have never had one go significantly out of synch / balance during flight. If they are misbehaving I tend to pick it up when charging - either at the start or end of the charge !
  5. Anybody that uses FRSKY receivers may find the attached article of interest. http://www.50k-or-bust.com/Model Aircraft/Flight Battery Monitor 01.pdf
  6. Like the idea of this as I have noticed the bit I have the most trouble covering is where the exhaust could dirty with fuel. Couple of questions if i may ... Does it work with a wide variety of covers or just their own ? "Our liquid adhesives are an exact match to the adhesives used for our covering films. Accordingly, always choose the adhesive appropriate for the covering film you are using" https://www.nexusmodels.co.uk/oracover-heat-activated-iron-on-adhesive-0960-100ml-tin.html Plus does anybody know what an appropriate thinner would be - hopefully not proprietary "In case our adhesives have dried out a bit in an opened tin, you can restore the original viscosity by adding the appropriate thinner."
  7. You could go for something like this a self powered alarm https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/product/vifly-finder-v2-lost-model-buzzer-alarm/
  8. Will put some on order and give it a trial run first to make sure it goes off .... Leccyflyer does it cause problems when you come to recover over and above what you would normally expect. Mike T don't think the problem was the cost of the product or it not working which was rather minor relative to the subsequent problem and damage it "did", hence their reaction.
  9. Some poor experience here of Cover grip https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3368997-Cover-grip-(Deluxe-Materials)-help. Anybody else using it with success or something else ?
  10. As per the above I have a Hangar 9 tango where the covering film is beginning to lift on the elevator edges. What is the best way of securing this ? The old film seems to have lost its adhesion. Many thanks C
  11. Why not just calibrate your charger and use the battery readers as an indicator which is what they are intended for
  12. Interesting result and one I wasn't really expecting. Took my battery down to storage (perfectly balanced via my standalone charger) and the Radio's charger managed to charge them in about an hour and a half. Way faster than yesterday. The 2 cellls were 4.19 and 4.188 - a difference of only .002 ! This would seem to suggest that the radio's charger is fine when the batteries are balanced but it really struggles when they are not - i.e to get the right charge, not over charge a cell and do the charge within a reasonable period of time. There is also the question of what is causing the original imbalance in the first place. Anyway going to watch this carefully now - its a shame that it appears you can only get the overall voltage of the transmitter's battery from the telemetry. If you could obtain the value for the cells you could write a few lines of codes to warn you when they are out of balance by x %/amount. You could then either charge the battery properly using a dedicated charger or buy a replacement battery if required ....
  13. I use a ISDT 8 https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/isdt-t8-1000w-dc-charger ; am ISDT q8 https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/isdt-q8-500w-dc-charger ; two ISDT nano 6's https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/isdt-q6-nano-200w-dc-charger. I also have Hota D 6 Pro which is identical to this https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-reaktor-d6-pro-duo-ac-dc-6s-balance-charger-discharger-w-smartphone-wireless-charging-dc325w-x-2-uk-plug.html?queryID=ce1057f7f23127e042f840cd23b37406&objectID=80914&indexName=hbk_live_products_analytics Why so many chargers - simply because i hate waiting and don't like to parallel charge. If i had to pick only one it would be the Hota 6 pro which has its own power supply, two channels so you can charge separately, a USB port which enables me to charge my radio at the same time, a wireless charger for the phone plus it can be used as a field charger. The navigation/ screen is very good (better than the ISDTs) and it has a fairly high capacity / performance figs . If i was looking to charge a large number of batteries at the same time I would simply get a whole load of ISDT nano 6's and drive them of 1 or 2 large power supplies which have multiple outputs. it would be more flexible, cheaper and safer than using a single powerful charger and relying on parallel charging. Plus should something go wrong £25 will buy you a replacement. I would keep well away from the Toolkit stuff. It has a very poor reputation - going out of calibration , breaking down - plenty on You Tube, plus read through the comments - way more negativity than normal - including here - just after 9 mins in
  14. Alan keep an eye on your Transmitter's in-built charger. I just used my radio to charge my batteries for about 4 hours. At the start of the process there was a difference of 0.08 v between the cells. After stopping the charge 4 hours or so in (it was still charging) I found that the cells were 4.241 and 4.083. So one of the cells was past the maximum and the other had a fair bit to go and the difference in the cells doubled ! The Radios overall calibration of the battery is right, but it look likes the radio doesn't really balance charge or if it does, doesn't do a very good job ! I can't see anywhere where I can calibrate the individual cells (just the overall voltage). When I put the battery on my normal charger it wouldn't recognise it at first. It kept saying it was of the "wrong chemistry" presumably because one of the cells was over 4.20. When I discharged the battery a bit , the charger worked as per normal. Anyway I am in the process of discharging the battery to storage and will charge it again using a proper charger tomorrow, measure the cells , discharge it again to storage and charge it via the radio's inbuilt charger and do a comparison of the results.
  15. With regards to your initial question i use the Gen ace - the first battery shown here https://www.horusrc.com/en/blog/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus-se-2019/ It can be purchased from https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/gens-ace-2600mah-2s-lipo-battery-for-taranis-2019 Let us know how you get on with your new pack and what battery you have opted for. I have noted small discrepancies in the voltage of my 2 cells and as a result every now and again I balance charge the battery using my ISDT charger. If your charger can do it, it might be worthwhile measuring and monitoring the internal resistance of your cells
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