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  1. Hi Ian, I cut 5 strips wider than required then dipped them in resin and draped them oved the former. Once cured I trimmed the frayed edges off. I'm not sure what the cloth spec was, I bought it a long time ago
  2. First few flights this morn. It’s funny I’ve never been interested in smaller models, but there’s a small(ish) field next to our house and this models perfect for it. Just needs a pilot and a tail wheel.
  3. That looks good Sparks, The carbon UC was just the process from the rcm&e mini jazz article. I used some 15 year old resin and cloth and baked it in the bbq, it came out ok, just waiting on some nylon bolts to attach it and the wing. If i made another id foil tape the former and pull a strip of mylar over the top to make both sides shiny but it works ok
  4. Heres one I’ve just made from leftovers after reading all the posts in here. I lengthed the nose for electric, and skinned the inside of the fus in 1/16 ply. It came out just shy of 800 grams. A few small jobs left to do but a fun build. Thanks for sharing the tips
  5. All sorted now, I managed to track down an unbuilt 22 year old kit
  6. I'm returning to the hobby after almost 20 years away and one plane that I would love to own again is a Dave Smith Models Panther. Out of all of the fun-fly models of the time, this one really stood out for me. Regrettably I sold mine years ago but If anyone has a kit, a complete model or a build plan I would be very interested, Thanks Dave
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