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  1. We’ve had quite a few suggestions now on possible solutions to the lost model problem and yes I agree totally with the view that anything powered by the receiver battery is probably not going to be of any use because of the potential for the battery to become separated from the model on impact. The Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker has its own user changeable battery, battery lasts about a year, has a Bluetooth range of 400ft, has a 128 decibel sounder, weighs 12 grams and is 42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm. If you check around they cost about £20. To be honest I reckon it sounds as good as any other suggestion and therefore worth a try.
  2. Has anyone tried using a Bluetooth tracker in a model ? I recently lost a model in an area of gorse and bracken and in theory a tracker would have given me a much better chance of finding it. The Tile Mate has an advertised range of 200ft and weighs 6 grams and it’s slightly bigger brother the Tile Pro 400ft and 12grams. On the face of it either of these would be suitable for fitting in a model but has anyone tried it ?
  3. With the battery as far back as I could reasonably get it and the CG set at 70mm it flew beautifully. Thanks for the help Ashley
  4. Hi Steve I was thinking along the same sort of lines so I’ve set it at 70mm. I’ll let you know how it goes when we eventually get some reasonable flying weather. Thanks for your help.. Ashley
  5. Hi, I need help with trying to set the correct CG for a new Grand Tundra. The HobbyKing online instructions say 75mm to 80mm but two online reviews say 60mm. Ive tried to set it up at 75mm but even with the battery as far back as it will go I’d still have to add weight at the tail, which doesn’t seem right. Has anyone else had this problem ? Thanks Ashley
  6. In answer to Nigel R The model is a Top Flite P51 Mustang. 60” wingspan, Irvine .61 powered.
  7. That’s all really useful information. Thanks very much.
  8. Does anyone have a view on general purpose servos. I need 5 for a new model that I’m building. There are still a few reputable shops around selling the Futaba S148 servos which was in my mind was a good basic servo. Does the Hitec HS 311 compare favourably, or is there anything else on the market in the same bracket ? Thanks Ashley
  9. Jon, I followed the kit instructions and had 12mm elevator deflection. I was using a 12x6 prop so a 14x5 is probably a very good suggestion. David, the plan gives the position of the C of G as 135mm behind the leading edge of the upper wing so I’ll try 110mm and see how much lead I have to use. It could be the pound that Jon mentioned earlier !
  10. Thanks for the replies. Jon I’m afraid I’m one of those who has probably over engined the model. I’ve got a very old Laser .61 in the Puppeteer, in fact you helped me out back in May 2019 to get the engine running again after many years of storage. I set the C of G as per the plan so perhaps it was a combination of not being nose heavy enough and over engined. Someone did video the 21 seconds of flight and it behaved perfectly until the point of lift off and then it immediately went into a vertical climb.
  11. I’ve recently finished building a Puppeteer ( lockdown project ) and a few weeks ago I decided it was time for the maiden flight. It was a total failure. Everything was perfect to the point of takeoff and then it immediately just went into a vertical climb, stalled and hit the ground on one wing tip. I had been strongly advised to balance the model nose heavy which I did but only a little nose heavy. Perhaps that was my mistake. Is there anyone out there who has a well behaved Puppeteer be prepared to check the position of their C of G and let me know. Having rebuilt it once I don’t want to have to do it again ! Any other suggestions would also be very welcome. Thanks
  12. That was a lot more replies than I was expecting, so thanks to everyone. My original query regarding the cheaper price of the AR6210 has been very logically explained but on a general level it sounds like there’s quite a lot of support for the Orange receivers. I guess it’s a case of experience and personal choice. I’ll probably go with Spectrum and the AR620.
  13. Thanks for all those replies and it certainly makes sense. I couldn’t understand why a new discontinued receiver was being offered at such a reasonable price, obvious really when I read what you were all saying. I’ll follow your advice and get an AR620 from one of the better known suppliers. Thanks again. Ashley
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