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  1. Thank you early bird.I bought it second hand, it looks well used but will suppliment my other second hand ATS kite for my training. Bas
  2. I have swapped to a 4max 3547-800 motor. I am using the original bulkhead for the new motormount, giving the original amount of downthrust. Is this correct or should I adjust so there is none? Bas.
  3. David, sorry that this will seem very much out of date but every time I've seen this I keep meaning to ask you what is this model please? Bas
  4. Many thanks to you all for your input.All noted, as to the siting of the aerials. I have adopted the straw idea, good idea to.I understand the RX illustration, but not so sure about the TX. Do you mean not staight and not pointing directly at the Plane!. One other thing, how close to a servo can you go as sometimes there is not a lot of room to spare. Is to close almost touching the servo? Bas
  5. I like sanding, apart from the dust, as its when things really start to take shape. Bas
  6. Can some one advise on what to do with the twin wire aerial on theses rx's please. What direction should they face in relation to one another and how close to a servo or battery should they be. Or any other do's and donts. Thanks in advance. Bas
  7. Thank you for your replies. I should have said I am not looking at plastic kits but Rc planes, a little bigger. It's use would be on an irregular basis hence the avoidance of expensive equipment that for most of the time being lying unused.I will have to fully digest the replies before making further comment. Bas
  8. I have seen many references to members using water based Acrylic paints for model finishing.Many say that the ordinary types sold in say B&Q give satisfactory finishes. Several questions really; How would you use the aforementioned B&Q types? Can they be sprayed or are they best used for brush, assuming they were thinned with a suitable agent for spray application.Brushing would also need some thinners in mu experience of using them in the home. I have found some receipes for both thinners ( Including, Flow improvers & Fluid retarders) and cleaners on the net. I am suggesting these types as against what seems to be the more expensive 'Modelling' types. When talking spray, can you use the less expensive guns , often provided in furniture recolouring packs?.( I have several, used for these water based materials on furniture seem to give a reasonable finish.) There are so many questions but I think these will kick it off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bas
  9. Danny, where did you souce your pilot from. Bas
  10. Stephen, cant quite fathom out how they work. I assume that the hollow screw fits in the wing, the long screw base /split end fit in the fuzz and the split end pushes in the hollow section in the wing. So it's the shoulders on the split end that do the holding. Use the wedge to just lever the wing off.!!! dont the shoulders wear down in time? Bas
  11. Grumpy, I needed a large LIpo but ordered incorrectly, so I am stuck with them.It's good to get a view on their use from another user. I think my problem was that they were so cold and the normal couple of hours was not enough time to warm up.After all they are so bulky. Thanks Bas
  12. Stephen where do I get the minifix click wing fixings. I cant find them anywhere, please Bas
  13. My charger is a Turnigy Reaaktor T-240. I am aware that the temperature of the battery is important.It had been in my workshop so I did allowe a couple of hours to reach room temp. After I made the posting I decided to charge and discharge the battery a little. Due to its size and capacity I also theorised that it should be allowed 20/30hours indoors to come to room temp. So did some discharge and got all the cells down to 93%, then charged until the low cell started to drop down below the rest from memory ca 96%. Did this a cuople of times. Waited the 24+ hrs and did the same again, then charged this time they all got to 100%. I assume due to its shear bulk that it needed time to get to room temp .So many replies I will need some time to digest them. Many thanks to every one. I presume the Battery Doctor is a battery capacity checker. I have one , made in China, like many others, so I presume may be of dubious quallity therefore may not be accurate.Was this your Battery Doctor LHF, or does yours offer something more?. Bas
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