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  1. Hi All Trevor Very impressed by your table, wish I was that organised. Hypothetical question: I you bought new LiPos and on test the ir was pretty much in the class of 'bench use, dispose' would you not be inclined to return them? Anyway, back to the plot. Have arranged to send mine back for a refund. Amazon have sent me a pre-paid label which I have attached to the parcel. This, however is for Post Office 48Hr service. Reading elsewhere on Amazon site seems to indicate that I can't send LiPos back with the post office, but I have to arrange, and pay for, a courier such as DHL to transport them for me. Anyway, postie is due to collect tomorrow, see if he asks what's in the parcel. Meanwhile, had communication with HRB direct. They did ask for a photograph (why do they always do that?) but accepted I couldn't do that because the packs were already packaged for return, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. Still have a question. Should I buy more HRB packs in the hopes that my issue was a one-off? HK are telling me deliveries from their EU warehouse are set to begin again 1st June. Might hold fire until (if) that happens and I can get hold of Turnigy Blues instead. Everything up in the air atm Jeff
  2. Hi All Have a saved search on e-bay for HRB batteries. Just got an e-mail from them with a new addition. Seems HRB also do an Alien Pattern led table lamp. Who'd have thunk it? Jeff https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134119747904?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=151aa7e596fc48e7944ca82798c6cd2e&bu=42993982027&ut=RU&osub=-1~1&crd=20220516055144&segname=11021&sojTags=ch%3Dch%2Cbu%3Dbu%2Cut%3Dut%2Cosub%3Dosub%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid
  3. Hi leccy, thanks for that. Looking for a go-to supplier for my lipos. Anyway, have a question in to the suppliers regarding these two in particular. Will see how they respond, might tell me if mine are a one-off. We'll see Meanwhile, changing the subject slightly. Put a question to HK regarding resumption of supply, got this reply: 'We are very close to finishing all the paperwork needed to start again. Should be done by end of May'. I know, we've all heard this before, wait and see. Never ordered anything from Global, on principle. However looking at the price including shipping, seems the more you order the cheaper they got. Tested with an order for four 2650 4s. Working out the price per unit, comes out at some £29 per. That's way more than the EU price but in the ballpark with what you can get over here direct. Food for thought? Jeff
  4. Hi All Just to add fuel to the fire, did an IR test on the second pack and the figures are even worse. I'm getting 18,21.4,19.1 and 19.1. These are definitely going back. In general, anyone using HRB packs on a regular basis, what do you think of them? Would like to think my results are a one-off, but not sure. Any thoughts? Jeff
  5. Hi leccyflyer, thanks for the quick reply. Although I have no doubt these packs would perform ok in use, I am considering sending them back anyway. This only because they are new packs showing an IR more suited to ones that have had many cycles. Have a question in to the supplier via Amazon. Will see what they come back with. In your post you said that HRB's you have are showing 2-6 milliohms, which is what I would want to see on new packs. Definitely something wrong with mine. We'll see Jeff
  6. Hi All Was going to start a new thread, but Geoff's post was enough to start the discussion, so here goes: I am a big fan of Turnigy Blue lipos, but since it looks unlikely that HK will ever re-start deliveries to UK, looking round for a suitable alternative brand. Seen suggested that HRB lipos were good, so bought a couple of 2600 4s for a try. Came from Amazon, delivered withing a day and good price, so no complaints there. However, checking IR on my ISDT charger came out with figures of 15.7, 18.4, 16.1 and 16.1 for each cell. Geoff's quote would indicate these batteries are already 'toast' before they've even been used. As a baseline, I pulled a TGY 2650 4s from my dwindling stock and measured 7.6,7.2,8.0 and 8.8. Even a used one measured 6.9-7.6. I do not punish my LiPos, so unlikely to see an issue with the HRB ones, but I was disappointed to see them below par straight from the factory. Any thoughts? Jeff
  7. Hi Guys Notice on HK website the virtually everything I look at only has Global shipping option. Leads me to wonder if EU warehouse is still trading. Could someone in Europe check if the site in your country still shows EU as shipping option? Jeff
  8. Hi Stuphedd, could use some help. Work proceeding well on my Sbach. Pretty much standard stuff except one thing I can't get my head around. The wings are held on by 4mm bolts through holes in the wing roots. Trouble is the holes in the roots are 7mm diameter. Can't help thinking there should be some form of insert in these holes to reduce the diameter, but not sure. Did yours have anything? Thanks Jeff
  9. Hi Trevor, thanks for that. Did have a look at that page and also some others Google suggested. Conclusions from those are that this number is not related to vat, more something customs would want to see at the border. Also, getting this number is only a matter of filling out a simple form on line. Not clear whether there is only one number for a supplier, or if one is needed for each order, but either way, if HK had the will to supply to the UK, nothing is insurmountable. Out of interest, on HK website there are no purchase option for their entire range of LiPo batteries except Global. Seems like even customers in the EU can't get LiPo's from their own warehouse. Distinct impression that something is going on in the background that we are not party to. Ho Hum Jeff
  10. Hi Guys glad to hear someone is getting stuff from the EU warehouse. Afraid I can't say the same. Placed an order on 2nd Feb for some rolls of covering. As of today 18th Mar still showing 'processing'. Had 4 live chats so far, and they all say the same thing. They are waiting for an EORI number, whatever that may be. Any ideas? Can't see it taking 1 1/2 months to sort out a bureaucratic issue. Even had the cheek to suggest I could order from Global. Out of the 4 colours I ordered, Global only has one in stock, and the shipping cost for a £10.79 item would be £22 57. After closing the UK warehouse, I can't now even get stuff from the EU warehouse. Have they given up on the UK market altogether? Jeff
  11. Hi Dick. Thanks for that, very helpful. My LiPo's are mostly Turnigy, but since HK seem reluctant to supply to UK at the moment, guess I'll have to find another source. That looks like a 4-Max battery in there. They only list a 4s 2200 at 60c on their site. Hope that's the same size as the one you have used. Have to say that battery strap still looks a bit too far back. Might have to invent something better, we'll see. Anyway, given me a direction, still work in progress. Cheers Jeff
  12. Bought myself a second hand Max Thrust Aggressor Sport, and I could use some help. Obviously, no manual, but most of it is straightforward. There is a long thread on RCG, but as normal impossible to find the info I need. It suggests a c/g of 50-60mm back from the le, which looks about right on the model, so if someone could confirm, and also suggest a starting point for control throws. Main issue for me is battery positioning. I'm using a 2200 3s and RCG suggest this goes right forward against the firewall to get the correct c/g. Trouble is the battery bay is too narrow to get it so far forward and also the battery retaining strap is right at the back of the bay, so with the battery fully forward it misses the strap altogether. So, any thoughts? Thanks Jeff
  13. Hi Guys, thanks for your thoughts. Kevin Not sure my esc follows the normal rules. Powered it up with throttle high and all I got was a series of slow beeps, not the musical tones I expected. Mind you, doesn't really matter. The fitted esc has no markings so no idea of current capacity or bec, so I'm replacing it with a Hobbywing one I have lying around. Rather have something I can rely on. Stuphedd Re: hinges Mine has pin hinges, rather than foam ones. Look like original, and the RCG thread does mention these as being rather weak, but mine seem ok so far. Judgement reserved till after flight. MattyB Yes, that is odd. Added to that is that the leading edge of the tailplane has a series of dents in it, either through landing in tall grass or being hung up by its tail from a wall or something. Either way, not going to worry about it. 50' up no one will notice. Given I only paid £40 for it, can't expect miracles. Now a question I can't answer. The motor has a bolt-on prop driver, but this has a collet taper machined in, which I've never seen before. OK, so far, but the position of the cowl means the spinner backplate needs to go on this taper, so neither the prop or the collet is properly centralised. Managed to centralise the prop, using a plastic ring from an APC prop, but can't see a way to get the spinner ring to run true. Going to run without spinner atm, while I (or probably you guys) figure this one out. So far, so ho hum. We'll see Thanks Jeff
  14. Hi Steve, thanks. That certainly looks like the one. Always amazed how you guys come up with this info so quickly. Will have a look through that RCG thread, but its 178 pages long so may be a while. Thanks again Jeff
  15. Hi guys Picked up this model at the Horam Swapmeet. Wonder if anyone can help me identify it. Google search reveals Volantex do (did) a Sbach 342, but that is listed as 1.1 Mtr, where mine is 1.4 Mtr. It has wings which slide on from each side and then bolt in place. There is a 3/8 ply spar extending about 2/3 span. Also the rudder is operated by closed loop, but using wire rods instead of cables. Neither the motor or the esc have any markings on them. It came with a 14 x 7E prop and the recommendation to use 4s. Any of this ring any bells? Thanks Jeff
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