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  1. Sorry for the lack of response guys. Contracted Covid and it's knocked me sideways. Up thread hampered by the internet and now the dreaded lurgy. Very sore chest with all the coughing. I'll come back ASAP. Regards John
  2. Hi' yes thanks. That is an option that had crossed my mind although I would look at fixing some form of nut into the bracket. Possible drill out the 1/4" thread and epoxy in a 4 or 6 mm thread. John
  3. A 6mm bolt wobbles as I have tried one and could possibly pull out so is not worth the risk. PTFE tape could be an option but I would have to think that through. Chance that the tape, with it being so soft, may not stay in place. As it is PatMc has very kindly sent me a couple of originals so I'm OK for the moment. As a last resort I suppose I could use metal screws. Also now need to source a modern replacement. Thanks all John
  4. Just an update. I have come to the conclusion that the thread is 1/4" BSF = 1/4" x 26tpi. So very unlikely to find a plastic bolt. Cheers John
  5. Hi' All Internet still not returned to normal but is currently operable. I have been involved with nuts and bolts thread all my working life but these are possibly imperial, but which ?? In that case I'm unlikely to find a nylon bolt to suit except perhaps old stock. From Leccyflyers Ebay link (thank you) they are/were a "Flair" product and not produced any more. Current available wing bolt/fittings seem to be generally 4mm etc. I prefer plastic bolts as there is at least some give in the event of something getting in the way. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions thank you very much. Regards John
  6. Yes those look like I want but only need the bolts. The Ebay sale is a bit expensive + postage from France so not in favour yet. Bolt major diameter of mine is 6.3mm. Thanks John
  7. Very sorry for slow responses to postings. Internet down last night and only intermittent connection currently. Have read all recent posts but have no thoughts yet. May have to do a conversion or adaption per suggestions if I cannot find appropriate bolts. Telephone people (Openreach) booked to come on the 30th Dec. . Hopefully will be fixed and back to normal. Regards to all. John
  8. Thanks but not a practical solution but you never know in the end. I'm OK for brackets. its just bolts I need. I bought these in 80/90s, I don't remember where from, may have been LMS or shows. I still prefer nylon bolts and I think if I crashed a plane with metal bolts there would be too much damage. As it is I'm repairing a plane (Galaxy models Domino) that had these nylon bolts and I just need a few to complete. Cheers John
  9. Definitely not M6. Just tried a nylon one I found and too loose to be functional. Cheers John
  10. The brackets are held in with screws which are inaccessible, as behind covering, but could be a last resort. Thanks for the suggestion. John
  11. Just found an old cycle part that fits and so maybe BSC but seems a bit unusual. Also, according to thread charts, could be 0BA but that is very close to M6.
  12. Still having problems with internet and Openreach not available until 30th December. So apologies for delayed answers. John
  13. Maybe but bolts measure 6.3mm dia'. M6 = 5.9 x 1 (25.4 TPI).
  14. Regarding the thread I have checked against M5 and the bolt is too big a diameter. Maybe M6 but I don't have anything to try against. These were bought in 1980 / 90s and I suspect they are Imperial. Measuring as close as I can it looks like 1/4" x 26TPI ? Thank you for all the help. Cheers John P.S. M5 bolt is a loose fit in the angle fitting. PPS My internet is working very slow so only able to reply as and when working. Fault on the landline wiring.
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