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  1. Hi, any one seen a toothed gear that can replace a servo arm. I am looking for a selection of toothed gears. Anyone seen any ???.
  2. Hi, was wondering if there was a way to trip a switch/relay when my main battery falls below a certain voltage on an electric plain. I tried using one of the low voltage alarms, but unfortunately my hearing is not great on this type of tone. So, i was thinking about using some strobes connected to this same alarm & on some testing, seems to be ok. But is there another way using a DX8 or 6 to do this without going to the expense of onboard telemetry.
  3. Hi Eric, sorry for not getting back, for some reason i am not getting notifications. I have got an ON30 layout & using a 3 cell 11.1 1300ma, only because its all in a goods van & i could get a 2500mah battery in this wagon. How much running time do you get from a 600mah lipo??
  4. Chris, my apologies. I got the impression these were going to be to large. But i got some anyway, & they are perfect. Just weighting for the plugs.
  5. Hi, most rc train users go with deltang receivers with this transmitter. You can get the old & good R60 ones. But the more up to date & with more channels are not easy to find. i was told this builder is a one man band & is having trouble keeping up. This is why i was looking for an alternative. If i can get the transmitter to send a pulse, this would be fine as i can always use a latching relay. I also noticed micron are bringing out a new & updated version very soon. http://www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/product/micron/mrc_mr001.html
  6. Hi, i think i have solved bit with the receiver above as i can use landing gear as 1 switch & Aux 1234 for 4 more. To these i can connect a relay/switch to give me 5 switchable items. With my transmitter "IN PHOTO BELOW" I can bind up to 12 receivers with each receiver having 5 switches. Now each receiver would normally control a train for forward/reverse horn, whistle & sound. With the transmitter below, i can control 12 trains, but would only want 3 or 4 running at once. So i now have the possibility to control 8 other receivers with 5 switches, = 40 switches & i can triple this as i can bind 3 receivers to one channel, so it could be 120 switches. Oh! The transmitter below works on a spektrum DSM2/DSMX internals. Just got to get 2 receivers & try it out.
  7. Hi, sorry for not getting back. I am not getting notices for some reason. This is for controlling scenery light & points on an rc train layout. I have found a compatible receiver that seems to be programmable on the outputs, using a programmable card. But cant find a video or any info i can understand. Orange receiver https://hobbyking.com/en_us/orangerx-r920x-v3-9ch-2-4ghz-dsmx-s-link-compatible-full-range-receiver-w-div-ant-f-safe-sbus.html?queryID=e4e09350ff43202afdf63786355b1bde&objectID=84314&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products . Programmable card. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/orangerx-program-box-for-r620x-r1220x-v3-rr12rdts-receivers.html
  8. Hi, i am looking for an 8 way receiver to just switch things on & off via "maybe" a plugin relay. Its to control some other things, not on a plane. I have mainly got Spectrum, so was looking for somthing compatible. Now i am not sure, but i am assuming i cant use the speed control & servo control circuit's. Any suggestions.
  9. Would be nice, but i am a bit limited on space. I actually might use 2 x 2 pole jack plugs to give me 4 connections. They are small & easy to fit & possibly use a 3.5 for pos/neg feed & a 2.5 for the two ballance leads. "Its all alternatives, which is good"
  10. Not picked out a BMS as yet as i find one that seems good & read up on the tests & find out they are more of a protection than a true BMS. Nik's idea might solve it with a 4 way plug as i have a good balance charger. Nice idea. Would just need a 4 way plug that is an easy push fit as the train wagon is not the strongest. But it would solve any shorting out.
  11. Hi, thanks for the replies. It's actually for an RC train & i am fitting all the rc & power in a goods wagon with a simple 2 lead pos/neg to the train motor. The battery is a 1300mah lipo that is best at the lowest part of the carriage behind the loco to help with the center of gravity. So all the RC control & other lightweight bits will be on top of the battery. The carriage/wagon will come apart, but wouldn't like to keep doing this. So what i am attempting is a jack plug socket for charging. Now this will give me the problem of at least one of the 4 jack terminals shorting as i connect the jack if wiring for a balance charge. So! i am down to using a 2 pin jack & an onboard balanced charging board of some sort if i can work it out.
  12. Hi, i have a model "Not plane" that is using a 3s lipo battery & i wanted to fit a 3 cell BMS charge protection board that is for a Li-on battery. Would this be ok with a Lipo battery. ?? Some advertisers say its a Li-on Lipo charger, but most refrancese when looking a little deeper only talks about Li-on. Any thoughts?? Thanks
  13. New it had to be simple. I was looking all over the thread for a link, Im to used to PHPBB forums. Many thanks.
  14. Hi, not sure if i am missing something? is there a way to Unsubscribe to a thread. I can find all the ways to follow a thread, but to not follow is not so easy. It was a thread i started & was expecting a few replies. But has gone a bit off topic & have had around 70 emails & would like it to stop. Cheers
  15. Slightly off subject. But for once i would say thank goodness for grants. A friend has just received 2 x 50K grants that has temporally saved his business. He was able to put all of his borrowings into " what is" an interest free lone for "i believe" 6 months. He also received them both with in 10 days. Oh! He had 3 limited company's & applied for grants on 2. Take it wile its there. Edited By Christopher Morris 2 on 30/09/2020 08:07:38
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