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  1. OK so I got booted from the zoom meeting - it wasn't a great connection but I got the gist of what everyone as doing. The prototype Nimrod looks brilliant ! For my part the Hamilcar X project looked straightforward - but in steped real life and I lost 24 hours So this morning, having been out driving till late yesterday evening, I ventured into the workshop to begin in ernest. My profiles needed to be cut so I did that first then cut the tailplane from 1/4 sheet (not 1/8 sheet as I incorrectly stated on an earlier post). I cut the trailing edge and positioned it on the plan. So its beginning to look real now The balsa part was always going to be the easy bit. Next to the block of foam ! Cut roughly to shape first and then the profiles attached: Then cut with the hot wire And a quick ffit of the tailplane It looks rough but after 5 hours work I am not too disappointed. The fuse will need to be sanded and I have already cut off too much in a couple of places that will need to be built back up. So not where I wanted to be but keeping the project within the spirit of things......... Its also looking smaller than I expected ! IMG_2401.HEIC
  2. Hi John, Your plans look similar to the ones I have, the difference being the wing. The centre section on my plan looks wider and allows for the mounting of the engines - I plan to have the option to mount 2 electric motors. My wing plan was based on the photos I could find. I think the model is do-able in 48h. My preparation so far has been to cut cardboard profiles for the fuselage. When the 48h begins I'll cut the fuse first then the wing centre section and then the outer wings. A balsa trailing edge from the 1/8 sheet ( I got the longest I could 48 x 4 ). The tailplane has been marked to be cut from the 1/8 sheet and will be straightforward. My aim is to have the wings and fuse covered in newspaper ready for painting - though that will be after the 48h I am sure. As long as its flyable thats the task ! I'm thinking to use three servo's, tail, rudder and a flexible snake to the ailerons from a central servo with no flaps - your thoughts appreciated on that one.
  3. Hi Alan, Yes its the Hamilcar X if you go back on this forum you'll see my pics. The story is that I was planning to build a Horsa but that was not powered so didn't fit the bill. The Hamilcar however offered the glider plus the powered conversion ticking the boxes. And if it doesnt fly well as a soarer it will be easy to add motors
  4. 2022 has begun with the omnipresent Omicron and a depressingly inept UK govenment . Our six nations kick off has not excited me as much as it used to as Rugby has been badly affected by the virus and is not going to be back to normal at least until next year. The Forum mass build (not pssa) https://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/114-the-2022-forum-mass-build/ seems to be coalescing around a traditional Keil Kraft design and has failed to inspire me. Do I sound down ? I'm NOT ! This 48hr challenge has had me buzzing. A few days ago my block of foam arrived. It was cut raggedly and so I have squared it off. My plan for the aircraft has been modified and is almost usable. The list of bits I need is taking shape and I still have things to get to make it flyable - I've tried as far as possible to only use items I have lying around and not spend too much ! My research led to an on line chat with another forum flyer who has already succesfully built and flown a Hamilcar and his advice and experience has been invaluable - thank you Simon So I am getting ready for the event and must say I can't wait !!!!! Well done to you guys thinking this up - Brilliant :)
  5. Just to throw in my twopennuth - this is a 100 year anniversary. How about building a plane from 1922, the one that leaps to mind (well after trawling the net) is the Bristol 'Lucifer', which won the 1922 London Air Race - a conversion of the Bristol M1 monoplane. Sarik have a plan for the M1 but it would need customising for the 1922 Lucifer type: https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/bristol-m1-plan/ https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/bristol-77-m1d-monoplane MB participants choose their own scale and powerso: A scale model - 100 years old - not too dificult to build - vintage eyecatching design - kit available - for diesel or electric This was the only one I found to date to tick those boxes, I am sure there are many others out there waiting to be discovered.
  6. Hi fellow 48'ers My ideal is for a straightforward build that will not require too much shaping. Its gonna be big, its gonna be slow, its gonna be square and simple - and the only way I will be able to get a flyable model in 48h. Based on the Hamilcar glider, this variant the Gal 59 Hamilcar X was powered by 2 Bristol radial engines, developed for the war in the far east but never saw action. The only colour scheme I have found is simple wartime camouflage so she is a warbird ! Might even put an M22 Locust model tank in for scale ! The plans are being drawn, and redrawn so hopeflly I'll have something to share on our zoom meet. I'm cutting some templates for the fuselage, but have not deided how to shape the wing. Should be well prepared for the off anyway! Looks the biz doesn't it
  7. Loving your build Steve. Any updates on your progress ? I'm still tinkering with mine :)
  8. Some great models on show. Here is one of my favourite images - to be viewed while listening to the theme from 'Top Gun'
  9. Despite some small problems I am delighted that my Fury FJ3 was able to get to the event. What a great bunch of people - knowledgable and helpful. Sadly missing some major contributors, i hope we can catch up in the future. Below are pictures taken for the event. When I set out the plane was to be a well used FJ3M as scale as I could muster. It was a sharp learning curve with lots of mistakes, some which made it through to the end The pictures show the scale shape of the nose and 6-3 wing plus the canopy which is all very different to the Sabre. Thoroughly delighted with this but the weight impact was significant. Gun ports are made with plasticard painted silver and recessed into the groove. The canopy opens to reveal the detailed cockpit and Captain Grey strapped in to a scale ejector seat. The gunsights and instruments are detailed with custom made photo quality decals. Furthur back we have the airbrakes - again different to the F86 and they are made with internal detail courtesy of plasticard (Dirk you may notice similarities in our approach !) The hydraulic piston is made from plasticard with ball joints at each end. The fuselage was painted with Tamiya AS16 on top and AS20 underneath. The panel lines and grubby bits were then detailed with dark umber to simulate the grime of an aircraft in servce. The markings are made with printed decals, in future I will use a different method. A close up shows the detailng around the tailplane, a section that IMO worked well. The tailplane is a different shape to the F86 (it would be wouldn't it!) and also has stiffeners which are detailed. The tailplane was shaped with reference to photos and models plus the excellent monogaph by Steve Ginter. The rudder is white as seen on many FJ3M images, probably through maintenace work. Also included is a photo with the AIM-9B sidewinders, these will remotely detatch - well thats the plan. Andy Meade is able to supply all versions of the missile and so I will be looking to him to provide my ordnance. The parting shot shows her 'On the ground in formation' Perfect she isn't but all in all I am very happy with the effort, really happy, and one persons comment about her - 'That aeroplane looks the most used' - reassured me that my aim had been achieved. Thanks to everyone for your supporrt and encouragement.
  10. The post board has become very quiet as we approach the main event. I, for one, am looking forward to meeting everyone in Llandudno enormously and hope to pick up lots of tips and info as well as getting some memorable photos! My build has not been without problems, having restarted the obsession after xx years. I have made plenty of mistakes some worse than others on my FJ3 but I am reasonably happy with the bodywork - although she is a tad on the 'grossly overwight' side(its a re-learning curve). So a few details to complete before the photoshoot but I thought I'd drop a couple here now to show you what I've been up to In this image I have been masking the lines for the tailplane detail. The masking was sprayed with primer and then rubbed down providing a pretty good finish. maybe a bit weighty but I have given up on the diet. The next image shows the initial decal placement on the tail as well as some of the line detailing. The panel lines are being shaded with dilute umber acryic. This paint is also being used to detail other grubby bits of the plane. A grubby bit - a tad overcooked so I will hopefully revisit this before the weekend. This next image shows how the front end is coming together. The modifications to make her an FJ-3 made a big impression weight wise here. I had used EPS foam to make the shape but underestimated how much mass was added using foam safe cyano and other glues. Simple mistakes but I hope I have learned a hard lesson. Again the dark umber is used to shade the panel lines. The gun ports have worked quite well, notice how different they are to the Sabre version. So there we are, a little update to hopefully inspire those in need of inspiration to get the job done. She aint' perfect but I am really pleased with what I have achieved. I could not and would not have achieved this without this forum. Thank you All
  11. As we approach September I felt we needed a motivational picture. So here is Team Fury FJ3 - The Naviators: We are working on the panel lines and the final coat - the finsih line is in sight !
  12. As an aside from the tech stuff, and included for historical accuracy, the colours of the airbrake bay have been painted differently on the various aircraft. For those amongst us who are troubled by such things this matters ! From my research the Fury bay initially was a standard buff colour but became red on the FJ3M. Thanks to Steve Ginter for confirmation.
  13. Thanks Martin. It surprised me just how different the variant is and I probably wouldn't have gone for the Naval version had I realised how significantly different they are. We all learn from hindsight :)
  14. Sorry if I seem to have gone quiet ! I have been watching the experienced peeps and trying to apply the learning to my overweight beastie. The reshaping of the canopy for the FJ3 has become almost an obsession. The tailplane root has also become something of a challenge to get right. Working backward the nose section now looks right. I still have to tidy up the air intake but its close. The canopy sits reasonably well - as it should I'm on my 5th version. The wing root is taking shape and the desired 6-3 wing has almost been achieved - we'll see what the scale police think (gulp). The airbrakes are not quite right so some attention required. The tailplane root ARGGGGHHHHHH version 4 still looks wrong. Well the images attached show the sauce covered airframe. There is an earlier picture shown, predominantly red, where I was developing the cockpit canopy shape. Excellent fun and I am still 110% enjoying this build. Next week we will be working on the lines on the fuselage and wings. I'm looking forward to that.
  15. Hey Chris, yes your album pictures were helpful, thanks for the heads up ! The back end of the Fury is quite curved and I have found it a bit problematic getting it right. There is the single light on the rear above the exhaust. Your comment regarding the 'numerous adaptions' is spot on - rather more than expected when this project began over a year ago ! I'm very impressed with the 'sauce'. It sands down so easily and 'sooooo smooooth!'     Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 23/01/2021 23:23:29
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