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  1. I'd say there was some sort of shortage when 4 pieces of 1" x 1/4" trailing edge cost a smidge under £14 not including postage.
  2. It sounds like the fuselage is bent slightly, this could have happened if it snagged the mould on extraction. Does anyone in your club have another one you can compare it with.
  3. KC, All the ones I have done so far have had the leading foam edge wrapped around. I have tried various methods for the centre section from glass to epoxy with more lining paper. Lining paper method does pull tight on to the foam as it shrinks when it dries out so it can leave a pattern of the foam granules on the outside this shouldn't be problem with pink or blue foam.
  4. I notice obeche veneer is either unobtainable in large sheets or is expensive. For covering foam wings I have used 1000 grade lining type wall paper and pound shop PVA. The only wood required is a trailing edge to mount ailerons. An advantage of doing it this way as opposed to using a latex contact cement is that there is "slip" between the core and the covering before the glue sets so it doesn't accidentally become twisted.
  5. Oh yes the tailplane breakage, that happened to mine but fortunately the half with the control horn stayed intact so managed to land it. There's something inherent in the design that makes this happen. I replaced mine with the hardest wood I could find and that cured the problem.
  6. Irvine 36 on a home made pipe is the combination I had on my Breeze, more than enough power for unlimited verticals. As for the undercarriage I fixed it to the fuz just in front of the wings, this makes it less likely to nose over on landings and eliminates the possibility of damaging the wing structure.
  7. Or you could try something a little more challenging like an advanced trainer or out an out aerobat.
  8. It's important to know which version engine it's for because hardly any of the parts are interchangeable. I can verify this as I have one of each.
  9. Any old electronics with electrolytic capacitors will be less reliable due to their ageing characteristics. The wet electrolyte dries out over time. If these are replaced with new ones the remaining components, being stable over time should allow many more years of life.
  10. For storage, the lower state of charge is more important than low temperature but they are both beneficial.
  11. This happens at a greater rate with increased temperature and state of charge. The higher the state of charge i.e. the higher the voltage, the faster side-reactions take place between the chemicals in the cell that degrade its performance. Chemical reactions run twice as fast with each 10°C rise in temperature. The best possible storage conditions are a low state of charge and as cool as possible but not frozen.
  12. I want to know who's responsible for devaluing the calorie.
  13. Milli Hertz i.e. 1 thousandth of a Hertz. Scientific units have multipliers represented by letters, generally but not always lowercase means those less the 1 and uppercase greater than 1. n 1/1,000,000,000 µ 1/1,000,000 m 1/1000 k 1,000 M 1,000,000 G 1,000,000,000 Uppercase K was reserved for the unit of absolute temperature. I hope this helps.
  14. There are 9 orders of magnitude between them.
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