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  1. i've recently done this. plug in the radio receiver, servos, battery and esc as normal, but just physically cut the red wire that goes from Rx to ESC, leaving the other 2 cores (black and white) intact. thats it really.
  2. i am fitting ailerons and flaps to a previously rudder/elevator model. question, before i cut the wings in half, how much dihedral can i get away with without affecting aileron performance span is 78" section is about a clark y chord tapers from 9" to 6" i don't want a flat wing as they look "droopy" and it's a "looks like" a real sailplane thanks bob
  3. Frank Skilbeck hi it's only damaging to the atmosphere if it goes off....and i reckon all the smoke from a house fire would be more damaging
  4. David Davis after your fire i had a thought i keep my pc, server, cctv system and various other computers running in the celler (remote access, bit of a geek in computers) and i have an automatic Halon fire extinguisher above them. if it detects a fire if dumps the halon into the celler to starve it of oxygen. no water etc so no damage a word of warning... you MUST isolate the system everytime you go in the celler. if it goes of when you are there YOU WILL SUFFOCATE just an idea.
  5. MattyB two Tx Futaba T6EX and a Skysport 6. Both 35 i am no longer in a club. the one I used to be in has all but given up on sloping. it used to be it's main stay (competitions, scale, everything) but no longer. it doesn't even have a dedicated slope anymore. i go to the slopes i have known for years and more often than not mix with the hang glider crew..I guess i've been a "loner" for about 10 years now (i'm 64} . FlyinBrian cells are 4.2v charged, so i have to go 4.2v or 8.4v i've stuck an old electric motor and speed controler from "somewhere" in the front of an old sailplane. it's got a 5 cell nimh battery this combination will pull the 'plane of the table (i'm old school,,,build em light) and will run for about 7 to 8 mins. i just thought i'd give it a whirl but i had concerns about the battery as this all started as above everything charged up ...motor battery (red wire to Rx cut) Rx battery and Tx battery all ready to go. now wait for a nice 10 to 15 mph from south to west and i'm out there i shall also take my faithfull phase 5 sport and my new (old) soarcerer fingers crossed eh? cheers everyone for the help
  6. you was both lucky and unlucky there i guess. all my batteries are either nimh or ni-cads taa
  7. Wow... It appears that I live in a different world to everyone else. "Sensors are connected to the RX which transmits the data gathered back to the TX to monitor onboard parameters such as altitude," "a timer on the TX activated by the throttle stock" I have a rudder, elevator, ailerons and sometimes flaps. somehow I think my age is showing, the world is moving too fast and i want to get of so. thanks to everyone but i'll go with this idea "Re using a separate 4.8v Rx/servo battery - cutting the red ESC to Rx wire as you suggest is the normal method". and when the motor doesn't spin anymore i will know that battery is flat but i can keep flying as long as the wind blows.
  8. "Re using a separate 4.8v Rx/servo battery - cutting the red ESC to Rx wire as you suggest is the normal method". i think i'll go with this one. i understand that, and normally a flight for me lasts several hours once it's up. so seperate radio battery it is.
  9. hi thanks to all who replied in most cases i have no idea what you are talking about. LVC.timers, telemetry,BEC,ESC.. think i will stick to throwing it of a hill thanks everyone p.s. built myself a new 'plane over the christmas holidays. a dave hughes soarcerer, with flaperons and i still use 35mhz sorry guys i guess i'm still stuck in the old school
  10. first off...allways been a sloper (40years) i have recently cut the nose of one of my slopers (50", thin flat wing section, rudder, elevator flaperons) and stuck an electric moterin it I have a 7.2v battery to power the motor but when i connect everything up i notice this battery also powers the radio (receiver, servos) question what happens when this battery falls flat enough to no longer power the motor, wil it also be too flat to power the radio and therefor "crash" or if i have two batteries, 1 for motor and the normal one for the radio, then you get the problem of two batteries in parrallel charging each other up or do i have the normal battery for the radio and "cut" the red core from the speed controller to the receiver letting the motor battery power the speed controller god, slopeing is much less problematical help please taa bob
  11. hi when you say " big impala" is the whole plane bigger or just the wing? i used to fly an impala when i was new to sloping in the mid 70's i also had a "big wing" for it aswell. this was another kit so I had a standard impala with a larger wing Taa bob
  12. callow bank is now a thing of the past It was a great site for nearlly 40 years but now the current farmer does not want anyone there he has stuck large fence posts in all over the bank ,,,dozens and dozens of them about 5 foot high every few meters treat it as gone   Edited By David Ashby - Moderator on 05/01/2020 19:33:30
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