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  1. Just watched Green Planet episode 1 and it showed the life cycle of a Balsa tree. very interesting.
  2. I checked in lots of places for any horror stories about W11 and didn't find any. The split screen working could be useful to me so I started the upgrade from W10 about 12.30pm yesterday. With all the updates and restarts it took until nearly 6pm to complete. In fact I went down town for a cup of coffee with friends for a couple of hours in the afternoon and left it to its own devices. Everything pretty much the same just different interface. A couple of updates this morning, set my old background picture, did a cache clean and disabled a couple of things in the startup menu that I'd forgotten to do and, other than that, everything is working fine. All my privacy settings on data sharing were still the same. Machine may be a tad faster but ample for my needs. I did note that MS give 10 days to be able to revert to W10 if not happy, after that it would need a clean install of W10, but, as others have said, apart from the time, it was a non-event so I'll stick with it.
  3. I used to work on Gypsy Major engines and the baffles are attached to the crank case, not the cowling, and they are not a tight fit against the fins of the cylinders but form a channel to direct the air around the fins because you want a good quantity of air moving quickly past the cylinders to provide sufficient cooling. I would suggest two straight plates attached to the engine bearers which drop straight down either side of the engine. the front of these can be fashioned to mate with the opening in the front of the cowling and the air exits through the gap between the rear bottom of the cowl and the fuselage. Depending how scale you want it to be, the side panels of the cowling swing upwards for access to the engine, leaving the front cowl in place, attached to the engine bearers, or the cowling can be fashioned in one piece to slide on and off independent of the baffles.
  4. Thanks Paul, a great help. We'll give it a go when the wind is right, with due regard for the eroding cliffs of course. Geoff
  5. A buddy and myself fancy a bit of something different for slope soaring so we're thinking of heading to the coast. We're in North Cambs so can anyone recommend any sites say from Hunstanton round to Mundesely area, or even Suffolk for good cliffs, please? I fly an M60 or 2.7m Odyssy and my buddy flies a Wild Thing or ASW 28. Might even put fishing rods in too.
  6. I have a Fusion II. I built it on a 49" board. As has been said, the tips can be added after building the one piece wing. 48" would be the minimum.
  7. Hi Bill, I know it doesn't help your question but I just wanted to say that the Sonata was my first ever RC plane that I learned to fly on. Flat field bungee launch & 27 meg radio. Lovely stable flyer so I'm sure you'll enjoy them. It got me off to a good start. A few house moves later the plans are long gone, sorry. Geoff
  8. I had to let the tyres down on me bike because I couldn't reach the pedals.
  9. If you can get in there, I use a dab of hot glue on the motor wires to keep them clear of the motor.
  10. My first ever flight in an aeroplane was in a Dragon Rapide from Cranfield College on a pleasure flight with my Dad when I was 7 years old. Yes, I could see my house from up there My Dad worked at Cranfield and I began my aircraft apprenticeship there at 15yrs old. I often see the Rapide while I'm fishing at Grafham Water and it brings back memories. Lovely old plane.
  11. Quick update. It was a practice bomb. I'm on the mowing team so not so worried now
  12. Just had email to say our field at Warboys has been closed for now as a walker has found a suspected unexploded bomb. It's an old second world war pathfinder airfield so, if it is then there may be more. I'll stay at home for now
  13. I went to Ivinghoe today for some slope soaring. I had arranged to meet a friend there and when I arrived there was some chaps already flying from the car park slope. By coincidence these were chaps from Essex whom we'd met the last time we were at the Beacon. My friend arrived and we had a few flights from the car park slope. I had a recently built NCFM M60 and my buddy had a Wildthing and a Lidl conversion. The lift was a bit variable so we decided to bite the bullet and trek to the top of the Beacon. My ticker doesn't always want to do the same things as me so climbs like that mean I have to stop half-way up to get my breath back. Anyway, the breeze at the top gave us great lift on the north face. I'd only managed to ascertain the right CG and throws the last time I flew the M60 so, having adjusted the CG at home, this was my first opportunity to see what it could do. I was having to learn what I could do with it too. Straight off it flew straight out, gained height and, with just one click of down to trim, I started exploring the envelope. A touch of down had it instantly speeding up and easing off had it climbing like a homesick angel so then I started doing loops, rolls and speed runs. At one point I pushed out from the slope to see how far out the lift was and it climbed steadily in front of me then I saw it just waggle a tiny bit so I started circling and, as I hoped, it thermalled away above and behind me to speck-out point. This gave me good height to do a good series of high speed aerobatics before landing for a cuppa. Brilliant. All the other chaps had great flights too with a good variety of models. We saw a Radian being flown further along the ridge and he came and joined us. I suddenly realised he was keeping it inverted while he sat relaxed on the grass, not bad for a rudder/elevator model. Several day-trippers enjoyed watching and asked quite a few questions. There was plenty of banter and one of the chaps flying was a magician and kept a couple of us amused with a very impressive display of sleight of hand. My buddy and I left and got back to the car park in time to get an ice cream from the van. What a wonderful day with great friends and what a wonderful hobby, I'm still smiling.
  14. I use Inwood Models own brand, I just built a Multiplex Heron with their thick foamsafe. It can be slow to go off but this can be useful when lining things up.
  15. I've had this DeWalt drill for a few years now and it's a great bit of kit, assuming they haven't changed the build. Along with the multi-bit kit they do it's still going strong. No doubt there's cheaper ones out there but, in answer to your original question, yes, they are worth buying.
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