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  1. Spent yesterday morning flying the Warbirds Replicas Ju88 till I run out of batteries, after lunch from 2pm to 6pm flew a Kyosho Spitfire IC powered made the most of it as today the car is in dock for up dating
  2. A tidy up and fitted with a real engine, 52 FS. I was not happy with 5 min flights then spending the evening charging batteries. Waiting for the wind to die down, still very windy in the North East.
  3. I prefer IC but an electric motor is better in a sleek front end.
  4. It's amazing how un-rigid the undercarriage is on a heavy landing, I have found the quality of piano wire these days variable. Some I have used recently could be cut with a junior hacksaw, the only way to cut it in years gone used to be with a grinding disc. I don't know about modern paints but years ago when I was in the motor trade the paint sprayers hated painting metallic colours especially silver as it was difficult to get a uniform finish.
  5. I bought this Kyosho Spitfire with the front end badly damaged it was complete with SC 52 fs and retracts that did not work, I did hope to have it ready for D Day but only managed a first flight this evening it flew very well and now has the cowl fitted as I am happy with the engine settings. the retracts, one was ok the other took a long time to repair as someone had spilled a lot of superglue in it.
  6. A work of art as usual Danny, it's nice to see an I,C, model with everything enclosed. Simon, in the past I have made scale models and spent hours on them, I never worried about putting them in the air as I had the pleasure of building them, I would not like the experience of spending a lot of money on a ready to fly and seeing it crash on the first flight.
  7. Hi Danny, I use a piece of wire about 1.5mm diam, long enough to protrude through the cowl and bend the end over to about 90deg. in the end of the needle there is a grub screw that holds the wire. I hope you will have enough pressure with all those outlets Cheers Eric.
  8. On Thursday I had a mid air with the Tempest, it took the wing off and the fuselage nose dived from 50ft, the impact pushed the internal structure on one side back 20mm. It is now ready to fly again just waiting for the wind to drop. The wing apart from a small hole was undamaged and the rest of the airframe from the cowl back was intact. There has been a lot said about Brian Taylor models being not much use on club sites, I have had a lot of flights with this model and the fact I was able to repair it quickly after what would have been a bin job with a modern model, I had a similar crash with a VQ Mustang which went in vertical an it was like matchwood, total bin job.
  9. RECYCLE! That's just little more than a scratch Ron. I had a mid air with my B.T. Tempest same day as your mishap, it took the wing off and the fuselage with a 5s 5000 up front found the quickest way down, apart from a small hole the wing was ok. It's ready to fly again.
  10. The picture of the one with the tropical filter looks like the sun has wrinkled the solar film covering on the fairing from the cowl to the filter. I believe Brian Taylor used a small flap on the underside of his Spitfire cowl which was propped open for running and closed for judging. I have seen mesh used on a cowl to let the air through and when painted it was not too noticeable.
  11. It would create a lot more, draining the system to remove the wing, leaking hoses, water soaked balsa, wet electrics, antifreeze for winter flying,
  12. Weather is supposed to be good from Thursday. They both look good Kevin, very well built as usual.
  13. The previous post is on the thread but did not appear one latest posts, it took a long time to load/
  14. Think it's her Gran, I too blamed my lap top + server for the slow speed
  15. Metal smith Leeds are a good source of brass tubing, they are mainly model railway and model engineering but if you scroll down under materials near the bottom of the page is brass tube.
  16. That is the same set up as the Laser in my Chipmunk, no use for a Saito. The Saito does need pressure. Ron has pipped me to a solution
  17. So you are a ginger bred man?
  18. I prefer the mounting of the Seafury servos to the Hanger 9 Corsair. I always try to mount the servos sideways in the wing and have never had any problems doing so. They were mounted upright for many years when we used torque rods with a single servo which made a very neat installation but not so efficient.
  19. I used to fly on a farm near where I lived just outside of Banbury, the strip was on top of a hill, on the approach from one direction there was a wire fence which would be approx.50 ft below. when coming in to land there was always a glitch at that point some times severe, I was on 35 then, it was at the time when Spektrum brought out the 2,4g so I bought the new DX7 set. It still glitched at that point only not quite severe. I never found out if it was the fence but it seemed the most obvious cause. I was the only one that flew there,
  20. A link to a You tube video. https://youtu.be/7U3e7cv3WcY
  21. First class job Nigel, looking good.
  22. Humbrol aerosols! the heat must have gone to your head Richard, what is wrong with the tester pots from B&Q which you advise people to use. And don't say your spray equipment is in Essex as you can pick up a compressor at the local scrapyard, if your car does not have a spare wheel.
  23. I have a 60" span Warbirds Replicas Hurricane finished with Guild mat enamel fuel proof paint from aerosols, not cheap but it seems to be OK. It has had a lot of flights now with a Saito 82B up front, quite a messy engine compared to a Laser but the paint work has not suffered. I waited about a month after painting before running the engine, the fuel is 5% nitro which I use all the time so I can't comment on higher nitro content fuels. My next project a Hawker Seafury has a petrol engine and I tried some petrol on a the guild paint and it was OK so I have used it on the Seafury, the only problem is a limited range of colours. I use rattle can car undercoat.
  24. You could put spare cowl screws in it, as it is about on the C of G but you would not have to glue the cap on.
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