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  1. I agree Piers; it could be any one of a number of possible causes. Truth is, we could discuss this at great length here and may or may not reach a conclusion. I will do a load of logical tests here and try to find a smoking gun. Otherwise, the ESC will also be on the naughty step and will go into the bin! I don't want to name names because without a specific cause, it will create more heat than light and may result in someone doubting their own gear unnecessarily. Also, we will quickly get off topic! Appreciate all of the kind comments regarding the model. It certainly doesn't look how I always expected foamboard models to look, and flew very well. More will follow, if I can find the room!
  2. Thanks Paul, No, 2.4GHz. There could be a number of potential causes, but I suspect the receiver is duff. I had am issue with another receiver which has since been 'retired'. That issue was total loss of control. This one was progressively slow/ soft response (aileron) with the occasional spurious control surface movement (up elevator). There may be all manner of causes, which are very difficult to prove or disprove now. But twice is becoming a habit, and if I'm honest, Ive lost my confidence in the gear. It's all quite old so time to modernise, I think...
  3. A credit to the Foamboard Factory North!
  4. She flew today. Took off straight as a die and needed just 3 clicks of down. Sadly, a radio problem meant a forced landing which ripped the retracts out. Easily fixed though...
  5. Laydeeez and Genulmen, I give you.... Regianne RE2005 The latest product from the G Davies/ E Robson/ R Wills skunkworks, a foamboard scratch build. Built using a mix of FliteTest Maker Foam and Hobby craft foam board with a small amount of ply, lightply and balsa. It's a full-fat flaps and retracts warbird at 55" span.I had hoped to fly it on my little 2200 3S packs, but I've been guilty of a heavy back end, which is a repeating theme in my life... Had I got away with the 3S packs, it would have been 3lb 10 Oz ready to fly. Sadly, I will need to use big 4S packs to get the thing to balance, so will now tip the scales just over 4lb. Hardly porky though. Some scale liberties have been taken with the undercarriage position in order to make a practical model. Our strip is bumpy and doesn't suit tall, narrow undercarriages. The positions are cribbed directly from My (originally Peter's) Ballerina. That copes perfectly with the strip, so is a great role (roll) model. It's covered in brown paper and PVA, although the tail feathers are not covered at all, just painted directly onto the hobbycraft board. It's then sprayed with watered down emulsion paint. It's a really cheap build. I reckon the material cost in the finished and painted airframe is no more than £25. If I can satisfy myself that everything is ok, I will maiden her tomorrow... Graham
  6. That would be great Eric. I'll pencil it into the diary. I have an inflatable skeleton we can take to represent Richard! Graham
  7. That's a shame Eric; I can't do saturday. If I'm allowed out to play I will go on Sunday.
  8. Doesn't that affect the CofG of your head?
  9. That's exactly where I'm coming from Jonathan. Hence the RE2005. I did the same and studied the Flite Test videos, but decided to apply some of these techniques, and some more traditional ideas. I have also embraced 3D printing, but mostly for cowls, pilots etc. My view is that if I can find a canopy, I can build around that! Feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat over how I go about it. Graham
  10. I admit that when Richard first mentioned foamboard, I had the same view. However, with a bit of work, I realise that that fear is totally unfounded. Take a look at my Regianne RE2005. It's now covered in brown paper/ PVA and is ready to paint, and in this state it's all but indistinguishable from a conventional construction. Apart from being nearly 2 pounds lighter, and £60 cheaper... This is a full fat, flaps and retracts 55" bird, but it will fly on 3S and only a 2200 pack if I can get it to balance! Graham
  11. I was on my way to cognito, from communicado.... The only cream available is for my Emma Froids...
  12. Yes, if we detach ourselves emotionally from our hobby, we can see this coming. But, no need to be gloomy. Personally I'm totally invigorated by the possibilities of building with foamboard. I shall take all the lessons I learned from Richard and move gently forward... Graham
  13. Enjoying your work HQ...
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