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  1. We still do Frank here in glorious Aberdeen.
  2. I have not needed hardening at all.
  3. It does not take long Andy.. I use it after a couple of hours.
  4. Thanks.. Got an ebook version of it! Merry Christmas..
  5. Merry Christmas and Festive Season to everyone. I hope it springless our lives with more smiles, laughter and goodwill. May 2022 bring you healthier days full of joy, nice fling weather and contentment... All the best!
  6. That works perfectly.. I do my plugs with plaster of paris too. I don't even use any vaseline or WD40..
  7. Excellent... Amazing.. Very well done Dirk... Following with great interest..
  8. Hi CYMAZ A step-by-step guide will be much appreciated as I am going to build a large LazyBee and T240..
  9. Excellent.. Very handsome.. Despite the unpainted switch
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