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  1. Try 11 oz would that be more believable?
  2. I would think the same if 300g was needed. My suspicions would be is the CofG correct and what has added to the tail weight. Have you any build information?
  3. So you did. There you go Bob it wasn't far away.
  4. It's in March RCM&E so we can all join in the fun.
  5. My last order came within a week, I was surprised, and no extra charges. Just placed another order and this time tracking was included, tracking was not available before, and there are more delivery options. I think prices have gone up again by £2 a roll for covering film. Is that the VAT I wonder. Who Knows who cares not me.
  6. It will appear eventually, I am in no rush.
  7. I have never used Pocket Mags as the current edition is in the Digital Archive.
  8. With great care I definitely pressed Submit Reply and it worked. planking is more interesting.
  9. Yes that's what happened to me and I assumed I had not pressed submit reply. I was going to say 'in my case it's an age thing' Now you have got me thinking that maybe I did press Submit Reply. Time for some more testing I think.
  10. Where do you store a 78 ft boat? Interestingly when the planking started taking shape I did think I could be building a boat.
  11. I had this problem quite a few times. Eventually I worked out that when the problem arose I had not pressed the Submit Reply button Now I am more careful so that I don't press Latest Posts before Submit Reply. Just did it again and it worked when I pressed Submit Reply on the second attempt.
  12. Second side done. The bottom planking next.
  13. Hi Basil, Any down and side thrust on an I/C model needs the same when converting to electric.
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