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  1. Hi MattyB. Thanks, taken that advice on board. Just to clarify, I live out in the sticks in Austria with lots of open countryside, the rules here are pretty much the same I would say.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Nothing in the instructions. Wingspan is 1190 mm ( 46.85") don't know where the 40 comes from. It is an Aeronaut Lilliental 40. No teacher, going it alone, probably going to spend the winter on a simulator.
  3. Hi all. I have built this model, my first, and would like to know your recommendations for the amount of Rudder and Elevator throws?
  4. Thanks for the answer, pretty sure I have not used switch A before, but will check.
  5. FlySky FS-i6x. I have set the throttle hold to 0% and used switch "A". It kills the throttle OK, but also kills the output from the right stick. Cant find a way round this. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Terry.
  6. I am using 2S Lipo and a 10 amp ESC. The bullet connectors on both ESC and motor leads are too big and very difficult to disconnect. Would it be ok to use servo extension lead connectors instead? They are 3 wire and easy to seperate.
  7. Thanks for the replies, lots to think about. Once I am confident at controlling the model I guess I could get it up to altitude and try different things out. One thought that I have is if I can reduce the motor (electric) speed so that the propellor is turning, but not providing any propulsion, it might act as a brake. Maybe that is already accepted practice, I am learning as I go. Cheers, Terry.
  8. Hi all. I am building a basic motor glider from Aeronaut. What would be the correct failsafe rudder and elevator deflections.
  9. Thanks Max, I think you may have hit the nail on the head !! Cheers, Terry.
  10. Tx FS-16X Rx FS-IA6B I have two of these Rx. One came with the Tx already bound. Used on a Paramotor, works fine. I bought a second Rx, for a glider, bound it to the same Tx, works fine. When I want to use the Paramotor I have to rebind it, is that normal? I always thought that it was possible to have multiple Rx's bound to the same Tx. Could be showing my lack of understanding
  11. The winding insulation looks as though it has melted in places, so not going to chance it for the sake of a 16 euro replacement, but thanks for the advice.
  12. Hi PatMc. I was flying a Para Motor, it stalled and one or two lines tangled with the prop and stalled the motor. I hit the dead stop switch I had set up on the Tx, obviously not soon enough. Have decided to buy a new motor to be on the safe side.
  13. I assume "CW" means clockwise. does that mean the motor only runs clockwise? Cheers, Terry.
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