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  1. Fair comment on the radio gear. I suspect it may be s..., as long as it's not rl or f stuff I will rest easy. Stay safe out there...
  2. A passer by noticed two workmen standing by a pot hole in the road merrily singing happy birthday... He ask them who's s birthday it was ? The reply was " my, it's the pot holes of course !".
  3. Yes, I have to admit, no fuel exhaust residue and no fuel proofer needed resulting in a hopefully lighter model.
  4. Thanks guys... Maybe for now just a small a+e sloper... The larger version maybe the electric powered "first adventure" or the RC converted "found" rubber powered free flight aeromodellers free plan plane that flies RC really well on an old DC sabre diesel. I used the wing format/design but extended to make a basic r+e powered glider powered by a diesel me heron 1cc, that flies well also. I will use the "bent" lidl mini glider to make all the mistakes with...
  5. Thanks for the reply rw.... Lovely, that's looks like the one... I had some money to play with when I bought it, so got a couple. Yes, one gunna be an a + e sloper, another similar but electric powered, my first adventure into lipo electric stuff. May I ask what motor)prop/battery combination did you use please. These are small so can be boxed and transported to the slope by m/cycle... I bought the emax special, motor, prop, esc, servo kit for £24, and two batteries .....
  6. I thought I might ask here first before I possible damage this little glider, the short small wingspan chuck glider by lidl they sold last year. It's foam is similar to the larger wing span chuck gliders they sold. The rudder area has a definite " lean" to the left looking at the tail , forward. This, and the slight tail plane lean due to the leaning rudder, can that be corrected with some heat and gentle persuasion please ? If heat is a bad idea I will attempt to correct the lean by inserting the lightest stiffest material I have, probably very thin ply.... Suggestions/experiences gladly recieved...thanks.
  7. Tesla, interesting.... So they don't invisage the fact that brake pads can "corrode" in place causing pads to stick solid, or enough to stick on, as well as corrosion of the metal backing causing the friction material to "lift" and come off, not to mention severe "sticktion" and/or corrosion of the brake caliper piston due to lack of "excercise" and movement when the friction brakes are applied ? Riding the m/c I see all sorts of bits of car all over the road. Even found a brake pad steel back plate one day that had friction wear were the friction material had been. How the hell did that end up on the road, right by a roundabout. Always seeing bits of coil springs...
  8. Yes,CAT advancement must be substantial by now... Love what your friend has done...archamedies screw... As a matter of interest lpg powered concrete mixer engines etc. seem to run very dry I had noticed. Some years ago Shropshire county council altered some of the vehicles to run on lpg and came to the same conclusion and converted them back. The local biodigester plant was proposing to run the collection vehicles on the methane produced but that scheme seems to have gone very quiet, probably using the methane in gas engines to produce electricity, just like the plant by the local now closed and capped tip. Been on kitchen roof sweeping off ready for cleaning and a repaint as it's leaking again. When done and the water hose has lost its coiled up memory, I will be laying it flat to warm the water contained, for washing up water. She refuses to use cold. I know the water contained in the hose pipe will be sufficiently warmed for a quick shower. Beats turning the immersion heater on, the meter wheels goes billyoh when it's on. Needs must. Still no letter from dwp about my pension but I have been told 4 times know by the dwp phone staff it's been granted. Even they do not know or can see why it's still delayed. A very stressful time since early April. There are lots of hydro schemes locally but they where hit by vat changes. These changes may have been "frozen" by now...don't know but that caused small viable community schemes to be stopped. Joined up government thinking ? Even the proposed Llanberis scheme has been halted as the RAF could not guarantee all the ww2 chemical weapons stored in the quarry caves has been removed. Some of the caves/caverns are still bricked up and out of bounds, anything could be in there. A ticking "taban" time bomb just like the deep off Holyhead where similar weapons where dumped. Still can't find where the cargo of "strange sand" was dumped in a local quarry. This strange sand turned the workers shovels, and Thier "poo" black.
  9. Is it true that Tesla cars must be serviced/repaired by Tesla workshops, else warranty is "void". ? These are several Tesla's seen locally, so an opportunity for a Tesla service worship locally ? Maybe not yet but something to think about perhaps. Tesla's do look very nice I must say. Aerodynamically slippery, light wieght bodies with built in pv roof/body panels ? PV cell technology is advancing all the time. I just do not have the money to go electric car, new or used. If I won the lottery, I would go electric car, the whole hog, as we have south facing roofs. The sun does shine now and again in Snowdonia, but perhaps Hydro would be more realistic as it rains a lot here.
  10. This is the chit chat section of this whole forum, and since a thread is running and growing about electric cars, perhaps a thread should be included about alternative energy...why not. I am sure the vast majority of this site know of, and may have visited, the centre for alternative technology near Machynlleth, mid Wales. Our dad took us there a few years after it opened, and although still in its infancy, it was quite impressive. We must visit there again as advancements will have been made in the 50 or more years since our last visit. Our local council must be congratulated ( or is it the citizens of the council area that need that congratulation I wonder ) for recycling, and the waste food collection service conversion into electricity via the biodigester/methane/ electricity generation plant. The local unlined tip is merrily making methane used to power large gas engines driving electricity generation plant. As that tip is unlined, the brown water coming from its sump is worrying... The same local council.. Years ago I lived in a high altitude slate quarrying town. Walking home I often wondered what the large worship next to a river actually was. I assumed it was an engineering work shop. One evening, walking home, with a raging torrent of a river, the workshop was all lit up. I was a working hydro plant probably built to supply electricity for quarry machinery. Anyways, some years later, a local news paper article stated that the council wanted this place closed due to the "noise" generated ? Yes the noise was bearily heard above that if the raging torrent of the river. A week later a letter appeared in the same news paper stating that for the past 50 years or so this hydro plant had been responsible for helping to power the whole street lighting system of the town...for free !
  11. Yes, range and charge points. Local supermarket car park has two ev charge points. The attached fuel forecourt has 12 pumps, 24 if you count the diesel hoses as well, but 12 useable pumps in reality. All 12 where in use when I put £20 of diesel in the pug, and there where ques... Big supermarket roof, no solar panels on it, large Forecourt canopy, no solar panels on it. Menai striats with very good tidal flow, no hydo electricity plant... Does any supermarket roof have any solar panels in your area ?
  12. Yes, electric cars powered by electricity stored in the battery... But how to get that electricity into the battery and how to put electricity into the grid... Sooties magic wand ? And, can poorer people go electric car ?
  13. Hostage to it, we already are, french electricity et Al. Try getting anything built in this country, nimbies crawl out from everywhere... Iran.... Dr.Dai, an old friend since primary school. Yes, amazingly I do have friends, i can join dots and even think...
  14. To power heat pumps, freeing that energy for cars perhaps ? Imaging if that whole equatorial desert belt did similar stuff... This was proposed/ commented on in a TV discussion...in the 1970's ! Wish I could remember what the program was called, surely I am not the only person to remember it ? Lady questioner and 3 male panelists...
  15. Doctor Dai sends me regular email E&T magazine articles, the battery seminar being one some time ago... Anyway, Octopus Energy and a Morrocan partner propose sending output from a large solar farm to UK via under sea cable system. Perhaps the rest of the equatorial desert region countries will follow suit. Coastal desalination plants pumping fresh water inland to produce crops and fruits etc., Grow food and export electricity as well ? Hopefully some real joined up thinking happening.... No need for the very religious countries to "go nuclear" after all perhaps ?
  16. Kia/Hyundai fuel leak issue as well... YouTubers, so probably duff info just like zafira I suppose... Stay safe out there...
  17. Hyundai, Kia, hope it's just the ice cars that are having fire problems...
  18. Our valley in Snowdonia, as well as others locally and nationally, a ripe for solar power exploitation. Only a few houses in the valley have solar panels on the roofes, perhaps a proper government backed scheme to exploit the situation is needed, as it is officially a "poor area" money wise. There is a vineyard just outside the village. Joined up thinking needs to take place but Me thinks a change of government needed for that to happen. Charging ev cars during the day is not liked....
  19. 5k£ or there about a, naaaaaa... Even if I won the lottery, naaaaaa... She was born a petrol car so can stay that way....but a diesel version was made.... She is tax and mot exempt so she can stay as she is, a peppy 1.1 with relatively good mpg. She will leave an mg metro behind and did a ton one morning on the racetrack to work.....I was quite naughty that morning.
  20. I believe there is a company in n mid Wales/Aberystwyth area that does conversions ? But would a convertion to electric change its status tax wise, insurance wise ? Electric motor driving the gear box, so a clutch needed ? Regency braking, and electric vacuum um pump for brake booster, tank area for battery ? Then there's the cost ? Better option fit a 1.3 engine ? 5 main hearing crank, fi and ECU for tight fuel control... Or leave as a 1.1 ( 1117cc ) which is quite nippy anyway ? I excellent condition and it's reg number it would be worth quite a bit. Fifi has quite an emotional attachment, it was my aunt's car. Tax and mot exempt so worth some cash injection. I don't need Aircon, sat NovAV, WiFi, power steering, electric windows, auto hand brake or any of the other moronic things modern car have. Yes, airbags are a good idea as well as abs... Economy is what we need, and reliability.
  21. What am I staying safe from... Life is dangerous enough as it is, don't tempt fate. Just stay safe. Enjoy
  22. EB, I am sincerely pleased that you are getting out and about more, and enjoying your hobby, just as I do. Maybe you can go slope soaring on a suitable slope, I know you will enjoy that. I regret having to move from my seaside home town with its harbour for the model boats, massive deserted beach in the winter for model flying, and a suitable soaring site a good but short ( got it down to 12 mins ) up hill march. Then it happened. I thought it was someone letting off a shot gun, but no, the loud pop I heard was in my head. Eye problem, eye test, CT scan etc., etc., then they discovered I am diabetic. Had a stent fitted and life was good, untill march 14th this year. It's got worse since, very little money. I know I will get a full std state pension as I took the precaution if getting 2 forecasts done, and I have the letters. Not sure about the wife's pension but "the law says..." etc., a statement the dwp are fond of using. They will never ever admit they have made a mistake but are taking thier sweet time informing us, they have corrected their initial mistake on 7th march, which we discovered on the weekly mini statement from the bank we go and get every Monday usually, but no letter, email or phone call explanation from the dwp. Since 14th April, things have gone haywire again, but they gave admitted during a telephone conversation, recieving the br1 form in Wolverhampton, and moved our status to "emergency"... Yes, they are short staffed and still "out of office" ... Hopefully there will be something in Monday's post. Enough of my woes.. So, stay safe out there, so you ( and everybody else, there are more than just us two on here ) can continue to enjoy our twilight years for as long as we possibly can. If you want that car, and can afford it, buy it. As you have been told, you can't take it ( money ) with you. Enjoy...and stay safe.
  23. Quite, taxing a tax, been going on for years, decades... I wonder if electricity for cars will have a tax that is taxed ?
  24. I am not the only person having dwp problems it seems... Must be nice having more than enough money....enjoy. Stay Safe out there.
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