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  1. Thanks, more options and head scratching. Back to YTube & School. Will investigate further thank you. That all helps.
  2. Hi I have purchased a Inside Glider which has a servo wing. I have Frsky Transmitter. My intention is to use Corona DS 843MG Digital servos x8 connected to a Frsky GRX8 Tx and the wing servos via 2x Sbus Decoder. Tho motor intention is the Hacker A20-22L. I am concerned about overloading the system with all those servos and have considered a Sunrise 45A ESC which has a Max sbec of 6A or a 4Max 40A Esc that has 5Abec at less cost. Can anyone advise if this is sensible please? Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks everyone I think I can sort out the Sbus now. Much appreciated. My second concern is relating to the 8 servos and motor setup. What ESC and power supply should I use to cope with all the servos etc. Do I need to do / find another thread?
  4. Thanks I'll see if I can find anything on SBUS and general wiring, much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have just purchased a Inside with 6 servo wing and am also considering SBUS options using Frsky Xr8. I tried the link in Chris Bott but it would not link. Further advice and suggestions please
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