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  1. My suggestion would be 1" invasion stripes under one wing surprised me how they stand out
  2. Nice work Tom, have you put a contrast colour on the underside, I only ask as I find it relatively easy to loose orientation without, mine is the 48" version and pretty quick on a 4s setup
  3. Hi Beb hows things? all well I trust, just to add my tucano is still flying though its now 4s powered and a much more scale jet trainer like flight envelope, lord knows how its survived my landings but it has in fact the only damage its suffered so far was a broken elevator joiner while negotiating my narrow shed door
  4. I'd say as a wild guess it's Glen marshall's
  5. Hi Geoff nice work and I like the cockpit arrangement it should improve access to the interior somewhat, mine flew again at the weekend and is still a great model, I have uprated the power to 4s which required a smaller prop but nothing else, she is a bit faster but more importantly accelerates better with better vertical climb.
  6. Hi Tom since building mine, which originally flew on a 3300 3s I've converted to a 2650 4s and a smaller prop now pulling 600w and the flight envelope is much improved
  7. I'm in this year John and greenacres in July too with any luck
  8. As in the past I'm happy to build more than one and a mid/low wing aerobat would be nice alongside the skywriter
  9. Posted by kevin b on 20/11/2016 18:10:55: And only 47 voters ! If 47 build then it'll be a pretty active thread still, and if they all get to the July Greenacres dates it'll be a very busy weekend too   Oh I'd like to point out to whoever mentioned the complex stringers on the sky writer, the DB Barnstormer from 2014 didn't put to many of and yes mines still flying  oops sorry wrong thread move it over please mods Edited By Phil Winks on 20/11/2016 20:49:28 Edited By Phil Winks on 20/11/2016 20:53:51
  10. good to see a few are still out there, I have to say mine still draws much interest every time she's out at the club and never a mishap with here too though on calm days I do find she tends to come in quite hot, I put it down to the thin wing section producing near zero drag, I'm betting the design slopes quite well Chris.
  11. Well it's been over 3yrs Since the build and she's got approx 4hrs on the clock, I wonder how many of the original mass builders still fly theirs photos from Sunday 13/11/16  courtesy of Gary owen Webster flyers taunton Edited By Phil Winks on 15/11/2016 21:50:48
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