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  1. Oasis foam as used for flower arranging? idd
  2. More on the aircraft here: RR Electric Plane Like the bit about ATC reaction when taxiing! idd
  3. That’s an impressive start for such a new aircraft and power train. Hopefully there is more to come! idd
  4. Goodness that’s a blast form the past, almost vintage in Indoor terms. Good flyers though from what I remember. I think they were made by Ares so the protocol maybe Mult HiTEC Subtype Minima Status V1.2.185, That’s what I use for my Ares D7 on my Jumper T12. Hope this helps. idd
  5. Could not agree more, some really stunning pictures. idd
  6. It is an interesting post and thank you for posting it. Drones and UAV’s are always going to be a “prickly” subject on here and understandably so due to recent history. But it’s good to see people pushing the boundaries and working through the gnarly bits that can’t always be predicted. Critics don’t have the monopoly on “crystal balls”. thx idd
  7. Another useful video I've found on home energy tech. EVM Home Energy Cheers idd
  8. We've had solar panels since 2012 and they've been very good. For anyone thinking of getting them fitted I strongly advise you to get bird/vermin guards fitted around the panels when they are installed. We had a pigeon infestation last year and with all the mess that caused it cost nearly £700 to have the guards retro fitted and everything cleaned up. Not nice. HTH idd
  9. At the other end of the speed spectrum… Electric Paramotor Quite some out runner motor she is using. idd
  10. Rolls Royce electric aircraft takes to the skies. RR electric maiden flight I rather like it’s purposefull lines, very rakish. idd
  11. So I tried a little experiment to colour some lightweight Polycell filler and am quite pleased with the results. I used a tiny amount of raw sienna (about 1/2 a match head) water colour paint to a large dollop of the filler and got a reasonable match to the balsa. After sanding the filler was almost invisible and it sanded as easily as ever. However, after applying some sanding sealer it is a little more obvious but a lot less so than if it was white. As I've now decided to do a tissue finish I'm hoping the filler will all but disappear again. Cheers idd
  12. Whilst we are talking about fillers (very useful recommendations thanks all) has anyone tried colouring these lightweight fillers to match balsa/ply and if so what did you use? I want a natural varnish finish on a current project but need to use a bit of filler in one or two places and white would just look horrible. MTIA idd
  13. Funny things cars. We had a Picasso for 13 yrs and the only thing that went wrong was a rear door lock! Best family car ever in our experience! ? If you want to know what’s reliable just look at what the local taxi drivers are running. Which in our part of the world appears to be Toyota… idd
  14. +1 Deluxe Materials RC Modellers glue. ?
  15. This is my FT Pietenpol built from their kit. I used fine wet & dry paper used dry to abrade the waxy paper surface first. Then a coat of Halfords white primer. The wing was then sprayed using cheap acrylic spray paint, and the fuselage brush painted with artists acrylic. Both paints were bought from the Works. Seems to be quite durable. Golden rule as always is to test spray cans on scrap material first. I’ve had “acrylic” spray cans before that have dissolved foam very quickly though these have usually been bought from car spares shops. HTH idd
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