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  1. Bottom of the day so much for the red team. Shows much potential but just appeares to be unable to get it all together and with penalties due to failures I think I will be slipping further down the field. I'm sorry guys but I just do not count Verstappen as a champion given the way it was gifted to him last year. My heart is with the Mercedes drivers even though neither are in my team of predictions.
  2. Have a close look as some of them have an adjustable stop that can be adjusted with a 1.5 km Allen key. I doubt they are worn as the gears are very small and well meshed if they wear they would be inclined to slip.
  3. This season so far seems to be more about who has a Crystal ball about the outcome of the actual race. My team selection is ok, my grid positions have been reasonable but the actual race results have been dogged by major events. Well done to those who still score high points, what is you secret??
  4. I've been hoping that Richard would produce a wooden Mosquito this now looks very unlikely so count me in for a foamy if you do decide to kit it.
  5. Really super looking model and obviously flies well. The mosquito is one of my favourite models and I have built a couple. Still hoping that we can persuade Richard Willis to kit one. Well done to you on a great model
  6. Better racing certainly. I do hope Mercedes manage to overcome their porpoising problems although they are not my team having gone for the prancing horse this time. I do not think there will be issues with Hamilton and Russel as they are at very different stages of their careers. I expect Hamilton will retire at the end of this year.
  7. They are 140 mm long. E mail your address and I'll stick them in the post.
  8. are these any good to you ?
  9. There appears to be a many more annoying adverts on the latest site.
  10. Just selected my team. Must admit not hopeful as difficult to pick a decent team with the 75 mill budget. Obviously they are trying very hard to start us the the pro selection.
  11. Well Mercedes have certainly caused a bit of a stir with their side pods and cooling system! The only photos I've seen it looks a bit fragile. Must admit it's going to be difficult to budget without pro but glad that we are sticking to the standard money. Not chosen my team yet but at present I don't think it will be much different from last year. Good luck all.
  12. Our club members have used prosynth fuel for many years both 4stroke and 2stroke without any problems. We buy in bulk to take advantage of the discount offered
  13. Sorry Kevin, just rejoined so now top o f the league but not for long. So far not much evidence that anything is going to change, maybe Ferrari might improve as they are a team that underperformed recently.
  14. Having had most of the popular warbirds over the years I would agree the mustang variants tend to be more forgiving. The fun fighter are a good basic model but might be under powered with either 3s or a 19 size ic. Foamys are good in light winds and would be ok with 3s.
  15. I've been building my 63" La7 over the winter and found this thread really helpful, so thanks to those who contributed . Most of the construction is complete so I'm at the covering stage. I intend to use the brown paper method as I've used this before. Ron is there any chance you could post the stl files for the oil cooler/ wing retaining parts you printed.
  16. I have been following this thread since the start, thanks to all who have contributed. I took Tamulosin but was not convinced it made any differance. I also had bladder stones as a complication. I had the turps combined with stone crushing, quite interesting to watch on the monitor ! Flow is much better and I go through the night. I had to use a catherter for a couple of weeks and had several urine infections as a result but now all is ok.
  17. Our club has used this fuel almost exclusively for the past 5-7 years. We take advantage of the discount by buying in bulk as we are quite local. We use the same for all engines apart from the odd laser owner
  18. That was one of the reasons we hired a sit on roller, we had a list of volunteers all wanting to have a go.
  19. We hired a very large diesel powered vibrating roller to do our patch in the spring and will do the same this year. I think the cost delivered was about £120 for the day.
  20. Thanks Matty the weird path is actually an old material covering that we use in the pits. The photo was meant to show the broken I've as well.
  21. Any idea why my photo is upside down? I’ve tried tried to post it upside down but does not reverse the image?
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