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  1. Yes we had heating on. We where nice and toasty Steve
  2. Indoor flying was great with my Mini version of the Fun Bat. Steve.
  3. Not a issue for me as I allow 1mm behind my balance mark plus I find a shiny surface harder to balance on. Just how critical is + - 1mm ? Steve.
  4. Thanks Richard. Un fortunately I could not get the model to track straight on the gym floor the blades did seem to get up to speed at a walking pace but until I can try a few test hops no point in chucking it to hit a hard floor. So I now need to fit new wire for the landing gear and find some small foam / rubber wheels to grip to the shinny gym floor. Steve.
  5. Hi Big T, All my blades I have made with the CoG being central I know some of the other guys put tip weights on the outer ends of their blades But I have never tried it TBH. Something I must try along with narrowing the blade to the tip. Steve
  6. Thanks, Testing day today. Steve.
  7. Thanks Rich, Forgot to mention the weight is 56g Servos fitted and tested. Just a preview of the controls need to set-up the correct angles. Happy with the weight and power so far. Servos do not seem to have a lot of movement though. Steve
  8. Hello again some more work done on this one today. Here you can see the tail plane has been added along with the control linkage. Tested and working. The model is now fully constructed. I now need to permanently fix the servos in place, now I know where they need to be. Next I need to set-up the angle of the head and blade pitch That should be fun. Steve.
  9. Ok a little update. I have soaked 2 stripes 0f 1/16th Balsa in water and put them in a make shift foam former to dry which may take some time in are cold weather also foam and plastic sheeting will hold onto the water a little longer. When dry I will use them to form the top part of the body. Steve.
  10. Stephen Jones

    Mini Autogyro

    I am in the process of making my own indoor Mini Autogyro but 1st I need to experiment making the Head.
  11. Here is a link to my post. Steve.
  12. here is the video of the Mini Fun Bat. Don't forget you can download the plan for free. Steve
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