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  1. Plus when the engineers get really serious https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/mercedes-vision-eqxx-has-driven-over-1000km-single-charge
  2. Just fitted a current sensor (SM Modelbau Unisens E sensor) in a 6s FMS Hawk, peak current was 96 amps...................................
  3. 13 fliers for us, 1 FF, 3 drones, 1 Heli and rest fixed wing, about a 1/3rd of our membership so a good turnout. Only one mishap and that was caused by a control issue on landing
  4. Tricky wind direction here will reduce our numbers, but we are good to go.
  5. +1 for Mike Ridley. More than a few years ago I had a Turnigy servo slow on flaps on a model, it worked well, but note if you have a flap-elevator mix programmed in, then the elevator compensation will apply immediately but the flaps only deploy slowly.
  6. Yep most likely some sort of blockage restricting the fuel flow.
  7. They just used the example of powering 7 million heat pumps as an indicator of how much power is being supplied.
  8. With regards to smaller engine prices, the Saito 62/82 are circa £300 now and the OS72 more than that.
  9. They list two options in the UK, 70kw motor with 24 kwh battery and 118 miles range and a 87kw motor with 42 kwh battery and 200 miles range, the second being £3,000 more expensive.
  10. Robert, Lasers are all 4 strokes, the number refers to the engine size in cubic inches (blame the Americans for inventing glow engines ), so a 160 is 1.60 cubic inches, which is around 26cc, note Laser show the engine capacity in both cu in and cc in the specifications.
  11. Would the radial have a single carb, like the saitos etc or individual carbs, I would think individual carbs would make installing the fuel tanks a nightmare compared to Inline, V and flat twins. The low oil glow versions make a lot of sense and ease of silencing the Laser 4 strokes makes them much more acceptable than the noisy unpleasant 2 strokes.
  12. John, good idea to Y lead on the flap channels, that way the flap servo current doesn't pass through the receiver. The other option would be to use something like a Powerbox unit, MPX standalone Wingstabi with dual battery inputs or one of 4 Maxs power distribution units. Note the Powerbox and Wingstabi have servo matching options so you'd only need one aileron, elevator, flap channel from the Rx, but they would need programming and of course they are quite an extra cost.
  13. I'll put this one up, MR Camel with 200v VID-20220502-WA0001.mp4
  14. To guarantee no mid airs, we are going to organise a combat session..........................
  15. Before you go through the ESC calibration, check on the servo monitor that the throttle channel is also working correctly.
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