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  1. Hmmmm What would you do with a small glider? Something between 100 and 250 grams. ... and wanting to experience that "something" of a glider without a motor.
  2. Hardware stores often seem to have rolls of various tubing. I wonder if anything there would work.
  3. Do you happen to have a favourite colour scheme?
  4. Somebody might have had some explaining to do over that. I recall hearing of a taxi driver finding a Police 9mm carbine in the middle of the road. He called the emergency number and the police patrol who had lost it through the open rear door of their van came back to get it, double quick. Way back during my Finnish conscript service, when we were marching in the woods the instructors kept reminding us not to lose our rifles: "If it is not on you, tie the sling around something that you are pretty sure to pick up when we continue".
  5. An open structure might be a good candidate for tissue over mylar or thin doculam.
  6. If it is what I think it is, it might work OK as a second plane. For a first one, something with more stability reserves would be much better. Anyway, I second the idea of joining a club and getting some hands-on training. Many clubs have models that a newbie can train on ... I think.
  7. My Audi has indicators too but I'm about to retire it. I checked that the new-to-me Alfa Romeo also has them. Having used bicycles in traffic quite a lot has made me a bit paranoid at crossings. I'd like to think that it has also encouraged me to pay attention when driving.
  8. I haven't built even my first one yet..... but if it is anyway near as good as people say, building one makes perfect sense. I'd be tempted to go electric but that is just because the last time I touched a glow engine was 40 years ago
  9. The 66" Czech Mate plan does say .61 - 1.20 two stroke / .90 - 1.40 four stroke / Electric. .... and: "Many details such as radio and engine installation ( ... ) are left entirely to your discretion"
  10. Even the number of wing ribs matches the Brooks Biplane (if I count correctly). Span on Outerzone is listed as 66", so the builder enlarged the design an bit. Sarik Hobbies is selling printed plans.
  11. POR will do it all. The only thing with POR is that if you are using it as instructed (contact cement) you have zero working time: once the surfaces touch, that is where the parts stay.
  12. I don't know what it is, either, but I get the feel of an Old Timer floater, with semi-scale styling for the fuselage. Those have the undercarriage pretty far forward. Is that rigging wires I see on the lower wing?
  13. At least, he has made a plan for a 66" span Check Mate / Perestroika.
  14. Looks as if the duty&tax side might not be hard to do online here. I suspect I'll find out in the near future. edit: ... if the Customs systems stay up with the increased traffic.
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