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  1. Maybe the residual engine heat is causing it to absorb atmospheric moisture ?
  2. Thanks. However I seem to have quite a collection of engines around that size, which I don't use. If you fancy having a go PM me with your contact details and I will send it to you.
  3. One of our club members asked me if I wanted some engines, as I like "playing" with them. Well, what could I say ! Anyway he tells me that one of them is a brand new Jen 37 that he has had an "arrival with and it has a crack at the bottom of the casing. I had a look and thought that if I stripped it down I might be able to seal the crack. After all, it was actually a brand new (one flight) engine. So I stripped it down and all was well until I removed the crank shaft. I now have a collection of new spares for a Jen 37. Unless anybody has some really good glue.
  4. Interesting comment. As far as I am aware it is a legal requirement for a seller to supply a coshh data sheet when selling items covered by the regulations if requested. However it is not necessary to have the component manufacturers details on there. Just its chemical composition. Oils would be described as "vegetable", or "mineral". I don't think that proportions have to be on there either, just the components (particularly the nasties).
  5. Of course you always get the exception. In this case Webra, who marked the side of their engines in cc. The reason for cui was down to the Americans, who along with the Japanese produced most of the glow engines and still don't like using metric.
  6. Thanks Jon. It has to come out as the mounting is loose on the firewall. I might just replace it with a 46 2 stroke as I have a few. The Tiggy isn't the nicest of models. As far as I know the engine was bought new for this model and although it was flown often it has been stored inside, rather than in a shed or garage. Will probably give it a wipe over with an oily rag and put it in a plastic bag alongside my 75 for later consideration. The bearings seem to be quite free and the goo is very sticky, rather than baked on. Unless someone desperately is in need of it (it really does need to go in a WWI biplane, or similar).
  7. Hi Jon. I have just bought a "job lot" of stuff from a deceased's estate. One of the models is an old DB Tiger Moth. When I took the cowl off I was surprised to find a Laser inside. Can you possibly help with its identification ? Here are some photos. It looks in good condition apart from the marks on the front housing and the goo all over it. Thanks.
  8. Some of the balsa in my kit collection is a lot older than that. Though if I built them it probably wouldn’t live for much longer !!!
  9. Were there any contact details ?
  10. Did I mention, I don't like sanding ?
  11. Is this better Paul ? Going to start sanding underneath the wing now.
  12. Managed to do a bit more after the festivities. Next it's sanding.
  13. The beauty of the English language.
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