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  1. I just received my August issue, thanks . . . but theres a 'BUT'. I haven't received my July issue. Is there an issue with mail delivery to New Zealand? It seems to be very sporadic. Is there a way for you to track your dispatches from the mail contractor? Knowledge is power and if I 'know' its going to take 'x weeks' then I won't get nervous about losing another issue. Any answer would be appreciated. Phillip C
  2. GOOD NEWS - My November issue has arrived today. 83 days since release ! ! ! ! Now, I'm pleased to receive my magazine but that doesn't excuse the publishers bad (non existant) communications. My 2 emails still have not been responded too. Please sort out your systems, if I worked like that I would have no clients left and be out of business. Report Card :- Could do better. Regards Phillip Cook New Zealand. Edited By Philkiteflyer on 22/01/2021 04:06:51
  3. Posted by Tim A on 10/01/2021 21:26:56: Well somethings work albeit VERY SLOWLY, just received my November issue today 11th January after email sent to RCME. Now where is my Dec/Jan issue? Never mind February! It raises the question will my missing copy/copies ever turn up and if not where are they, perhaps they are holidaying on the South of France. I know things are very iffy and long drawn out with mail and freight etc. but if Royal Mail and N.Z. Post can get a copy here in just over 28 days (3/12/2020 to 11/01/2021), then surely my normal copy can in 3 1/2 months approx. How many others out there are in the same boat, canoe, plane, ship or or whatever? Maybe some communication from our Illustrious Editor should be forthcoming? Come on RCME we paid our money now come up with the GOODS. **Edited unnecessary reference to tragic accident** Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 10/01/2021 23:01:15 Tim, you're lucky. I'm still waiting for November, Dec/Jan, and a REPLY FROM THE DISTRIBUTORS! ! ! If this is how they treat their 'paid up front' customers I think RCM&E need to change their publisher. They are not customer friendly, cannot be bothered to reply to emails and their auto reply (14.12.2020) says Quote "Please try to avoid emailing us again unless it’s regarding a new issue as this may cause further delays". I still have had no reply. THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT PAYING CUSTOMERS ! Mr Ashby, I realise you are no longer editor, but you are moderator of this thread. Can you shake up the distributor for me (all overseas subscribers) please and tell them to respond to emails? ? As I said earlier in this thread, all I want is information explaining any delays. If I get no action/reply I may have to ignore that instruction and send an email EVERY DAY til I get some service. VERY DISGRUNTLED, Phillip C New Zealand   Edited By Philkiteflyer on 15/01/2021 22:43:41 Edited By Philkiteflyer on 15/01/2021 22:44:24
  4. Posted by Tim A on 15/12/2020 06:24:13: Phil I am in the same boat as you in Dunedin no November issue yet, Emailed subscriptions got a reply after a week! Apparently sending another copy but may take up to 28 day,s to arrive, wonder if the December/Jan issue will arrive first assuming it is coming, who knows? At least you got a reply, I haven't yet. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Xmas Eve - And still no magazine. Getting grumpy for xmas.
  5. Posted by David Ashby - Moderator on 27/11/2020 12:44:22: Copies were posted overseas Phil. Might be worth dropping subscriptions an email? 15th Dec. Still now November issue and no reply from 'Subscriptions. To make things worse, the local newsagent is now selling OCT issues. That means there was a shipment got thru. I am usually 3 months ahead of the newsagent. This is not boding well to recieving what I've paid for. I would rather be told bad news than be left in the dark. We are now 45 days since release ! ! ! ! Someone tell me something . . pleease Phillip C Edited By Philkiteflyer on 15/12/2020 05:04:08
  6. 27th Nov - I am an overseas subscriber and I still have not received my issue. Was it sent ? Has this latest UK lockdown stalled the magazine again. I am already 2 issues down - digital access doesn't really make up for magazines in my hands. I ask the RCM&E management to consider sending a printable pdf copy to those who want it so I can at least have a printed version I can read anywhere ie not on a devise Thanks, fingers crossed it arrives soon.
  7. Posted by Robert Armstrong 2 on 12/04/2017 13:40:17: We can tell you are from 'down under' as you got the 'p' in 'Cup' the wrong way up. Or are you just taking the biss? "Well done that man", fat fingers, low light and tired eyes obviously contributed to the poor spelling . . but the message still got through. . Now I just need David to read my message and hopefully get a reply. Cheers Phillip C NZ STILL Home of the Rugby World Cup
  8. Hi all, (especially the Editor), I too was among the groupies who were prepared to drop everything and start building my 132" free plan Storch. My disappointment was noticed by others, it was almost like a 'mourning' process . . . SO, rather than just complain I have decided to ask if there is any way for RCM&E to honour that (rather rash promise - as it turned out) and allow a "Free Download" to ALL paper subscribers? I'm sure the downloads could be managed by using our subscriber number and only allow one copy per code. That way we print the plan (pdf) ourselves, it can be provided as large as is needed, and would only cost the mag the setup of the download page. What do you think David? Is it feasable? Anyone else like that idea? Best wishes, and hoping to download sometime this year . . . . Phillip C NZ Home of the Rugby World Cub he he he AGAIN!
  9. Posted by Colin Leighfield on 10/02/2013 09:19:45: Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm still trying to finish one I started in 1986. Ha, I can beat that. I started building a DC3 C/L in 1978. It's still only half built. Tony, nice to see whats coming, though I'm not a big mustang fan, I AM going to build your FW190, one of my all time favourites. Since coming back to modelling 5 years ago (16 years away 'cos of kids) I am now very keen to use electric power ALL the time (except my gliders of course ). The Vulcan is just ahead of the FW190 on my favourites list so I will be watching yours with lots of interest, maybe I could go edf on the small one?? I know it won't sound right, but I'm sure it'll look right. Keep on building, Phillip C Edited By Philkiteflyer on 01/04/2013 01:36:57
  10. Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 13/12/2012 00:53:36: Hi Phil, totally off topic, but I assume your home town is the Invercargill of Bert Munro fame? BEB Absolutely ! We just had the forth (I think) Bert Munro Classic where bikes and bikers from all over NZ and o/seas swamp the city in bikes for 7 days of racing, cruising, and general bike activities. The city has a hum about it during this time - a deep throated big 4 stroke short muffler kind of hum. Its great. I'm not a bike rider but its great to see all these travellers visiting and enjoying the race events. The most popular is the beach racing where burt raced his Indian. It's a quarter mile long 'Out and back' circuit. the beach is shut off to public during the event (we can still drive our cars along the beach here ) but its only for half a day. Heaps of people go and watch. The other big event is Sunday street racing in Wyndham, a small town about 35 kms from Invercargill. I have been meaning to go every year but . . . you know the story, best laid plans and all that. So the short answer is . . Yes thats where I live. Born and bred!   Phillip Cook Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 20/12/2012 12:23:08
  11. UPDATE: Sarah contacted me re my "hiccup" I have just tried again and what do you know . . .IT WORKS. So I have renewed with no problems. Since it's a 13 hour time difference lets put it down to an overloaded server . Well done RCM&E, I'm still a happy customer and magazine reader.   Cheers all Phillip Cook Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 20/12/2012 12:22:31
  12. Graeme, can you please tell me why it's so difficult to renew my subscription? I have just received my 'Priorty Renewal form' which states I can renew online. Great. BUT, it doesn't matter which avenue I try I cannot get past the SUSCRIBE buttom. EVERYTIME I get " Service not available". Why not have a quick link somewhere in "My Account" so its easy to find. Also, I notice that 'Myhobbystore' accepts paypal, why can't you? Much safer - for me - than posting my credit card details to halfway across world. That'll do for now, keep those great mags coming, but I would still like to see a 1/4 or 1/5 scale glider as the free plan sometime.   Regards Phillip Cook Invercargill, New Zealand. Edited By Philkiteflyer on 12/12/2012 08:52:47 PS:-Still trying, now I'm getting "The specified procedure could not be found."   Some progress I suppose. Edited By Philkiteflyer on 12/12/2012 09:14:26 Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 20/12/2012 12:22:13
  13. My Quess . . 42. Thats the answer to the universal question and everything.
  14. 1. DH Mosquito . . .sigh     2. ME 110   3. Swordfish   All Electric power.  Edited By Philkiteflyer on 23/11/2010 01:59:49
  15. Posted by A.A. Barry on 19/11/2010 09:51:43: Kiteflying person, this pic below WAY out shines the Mossie you know who  In the words of the great Tennis prophet " You have got to be kidding!" I mean. . . oh  . . . If these planes had human characters, I would say the Whirlwind was the playground Bully. The Mosquito would be the unassuming, confident, good looking boy who always got the best looking girls. .   Anyway, to be honest, either one would be a great build. It's just I would rather build a mossie.   Phillip C  
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