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  1. Now that the picture has hit the BMFA Facebook page. With apologies for those who do not do Facebook. Click HERE. One of our team went the extra mile.
  2. On any "normal" flying day there would be perhaps at most half a dozen cars parked down the lane! Basecamp established. A big thank you to all those involved in providing us all with some very good food and great company. After the mass event we were treated to a display by @Peter Jenkinswho flew his pattern ship in fine style, much appreciated by many. After the main event it was back to normal club style flying. I for one had a great day, relaxed, well organised by @Ron Grayand the whole day went like clockwork.
  3. If it were me I would put at least one more hinge on that. Just my £0.02 worth. And I use Vasaline for the hinge pin. Kev
  4. Sorry @Peter Wedlake, I have no experience with the X10S, in fact it is one of the few FrSky TX that I have not owned!
  5. I replaced the fans on my G.T. Power X-Drive 607 Quad Balance Charger after the bearings went south. It was a ten minute job. The fans I used were these from Amazon Fan! They are showing as unavailable at the moment, but if you search I am sure an alternate could be sourced.
  6. This is the one I bought back in early 2021 to replace an even older one, £38.99 Now a whopping £70.19 Cleaner
  7. Chase away, should not be to hard as my predictions even though done were not "worthy of a champion"
  8. Good news. With the release of EdgeTX 2.8 due in late June, the touch screen will be officially supported. It is already in the nightly release and means no more building custom firmware, unless of course you want to.
  9. I have the plans for that somewhere.
  10. Despite forgetting to do my predictions, I managed to move up a place. Oh what could have been!
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