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  1. Hi Bruce, I was speaking with Manny at Buckminster on this subject on the day of the recent swap meet. The Buckminster benches are slightly modified versions of an American club’s design, the mods being shortening the legs to incorporate the wheels, and substitution of the carpet covering the vertical parts with yellow scaffolding cushioning foam. The plans are available to download free here. They include a full cutting list and show the exact size of each piece required (in inches). https://www.meroke.com/sbbuildinginstructions.htm I hope you find this useful. Alternatively contact Manny and he’ll send you the details. Brian.
  2. Hi Jon, Thank you for the update. The 300 and upwards are too large for my sizes of models, so I'll not vote thanks, but I am interested in the smaller inlines, 160i or 200i. More so after having watched Ron Gray fly his 160i powered Mustang on Saturday. Gorgeous! Are the 160i and / or 200i going to be produced for sale any time soon? The flat twins seem to have overtaken them. Thanks. Brian.
  3. The chap "flying" from the traders stands was having a joke... his transmitter had neither batteries or an RF module fitted. On occasions he would ask someone walking past if they could see his model as he was having trouble controlling it, then hand them the transmitter. Those flying RC in the free flight area were flying 'radio assist', which are supposed to be flown essentially free flight and the radio used only to keep the model within the flying area. It would have been nice to have a balsa stand there, also following the demise of Model Technics there was no fuel supplier either. It was still an enjoyable couple of days though. Brian.
  4. RottenRow

    Taranis X9D+

    Steve, The original X9D and X9D+ such as Kell's do have 'normal' physical switches. Your later version SE has a 'soft switch', much like more recent Futaba radios for example. The switch on my X9D+ feels very positive to operate... a definite 'click' is heard when it is switched on, but if the switch is moved slowly the TX switches on well before the click position is reached. This means the contacts are closing before the switch latch has changed over. The slider on the front of the TX engages with the switch itself which is internally mounted, and there is bound to be some free play between the two. Perhaps in Kell's case, the internal switch is not always being fully switched 'off' when the slider is in the off (down) position. As Peter says, Servisol is great for cleaning and lubricating switch contacts. It used to be an essential for TV and radio repairs. Use it sparingly though, as it can damage some kinds of plastic. Brian.
  5. Name badges would be a good idea, I know kc has already suggested it as well. I just got back from the second day, much lighter wind today and a lot more sunshine. Lots of great models, great flying and many happy faces. With Dave Bishop giving a relaxed commentary (on the R/C line) it made for a superb day. I didn't get over to the free flight area, just not enough time. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the event organisation. Brian.
  6. I enjoyed watching your Mustang Ron, and it sounded superb. It was nice to meet you straight after your flight and have a chat, and learn a bit more about the inline twin. Definitely worth considering fitting one in my Mew Gull, I think it will be well suited. I had five good flights yesterday with my DB Tiger Moth, and am just about to leave home for day two now! Brian.
  7. Yes ticket already bought. Looks set to be a good weekend. Brian.
  8. Alec, I just sent you a message regarding these. Thanks. Brian.
  9. Dave, Totally agree with Denis. If you want to go with servos of physically the same size then you may as well buy some cheapo ones such as these... https://www.rapidrcmodels.com/hxt500-5g--8kg--10sec-micro-servo-1016-p.asp I'm not suggesting that these are the same size, as we don't know the size of your broken ones, they are just an indication. Alternatively, find a way of fitting the ones that you have; perhaps mount them the other way around on the bottom of the wing and cut some clearance slots in the fuselage sides to clear the cases? That way the output arms can be made to line up with the torque rods. You may need to reverse that channel on the transmitter if the alternative servos go the other way. I wouldn't worry too much about making cosmetic surgery. At least it can be made to work again. Brian.
  10. That looks superb John, you must be very pleased with the results of your recent labours. And it must sound just as good as it looks. Brian.
  11. Dave, I think you have the wrong replacement servos. Looking at the manual (online), the two tilt servos, items 21 in the diagram, are shown as SPMSA3080, 5g sub-micro analog servo. Search for these online and they come up at a number of suppliers, though most seem to be awaiting stock until July. The SPMA380 that you have is a 9g servo, which is the next case size up. So it sounds like your dealer has sold you the wrong servos. https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/315070/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpcOTBhCZARIsAEAYLuUm_KfOee0CSCtLVqxzOHQEnIALy5J-MFtWnUHZSd1oTWcNMQlfpL4aAm5cEALw_wcB https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/309714/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpcOTBhCZARIsAEAYLuWU--BeO0x65KTWEp8dEeC8XvDlDCuIEEnGZiHEnkpqjmgLlywJBzMaAo_mEALw_wcB Here's the manual... EFL9650-Manual-EN.pdf Confusing as the numbers are slightly similar. Brian.
  12. That sounds and looks magnificent John. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it fly. Brian.
  13. Perhaps it could be taken to Buckminster, along with a big bottle of cyano. Each visitor could glue a bit back on… It looks like some woodworm killer or wet rot treatment might be desirable too. It looks like one of the ex-Swiss Air Force Venoms, with the pointed nose. It’s a shame to see how it has ended up but with wind gusts last Friday in excess of the plane’s minimum flying speed I suppose it just wanted one last flight. It looks like a new housing development is going up behind it, I don’t suppose it would have lasted long in front of new houses anyway. It saves the developers having to justify its removal to any complainants now. Interestingly the development is named ‘Wellington Gate’. Brian.
  14. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact it's a good thing. It makes the best use of the normal servo travel so gives good resolution. Much better that reducing control surface movement by reducing the transmitter ATV parameter. Also, keeping servos centred by mechanically changing the trim on the model means the surfaces move the same amount in both directions (assuming that is what you want). An advantage of 35MHz nowadays is the availability of good, cheap (sometimes free) secondhand receivers. Obviously some form of frequency control is required if more than one flier is using 35MHz. Ultimately it is an individual's choice, perhaps guided by cost and simplicity of operation in some cases. Brian.
  15. Rich, I don't know how you are connecting your 'scope to display the 35MHz transmitter signal, but I doubt that you will be able to see any meaningful variation in that signal as the sticks are moved. The Skysport 4 has a trainer (buddy-box) socket on the back (DIN style, like a 1970s tape deck). The output from the encoder is available on pin 2 of that socket and could be displayed on your scope. With the correct timebase setting you should see the four PPM pulses followed by a space, before they repeat themselves 20ms later. Moving the sticks will shorten or lengthen these pulses, one for each of the sticks. Nominally they are 1.5ms at stick centre, varying by + / - 0.5ms with full stick movement. That will be about all that you can check until you get a receiver with a suitable crystal to match your transmitter. Brian.
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