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Sometimes I look around at the rubbish cluttering my workshop and think:


a) I should bin it

b) I should put it on ebay together with all the rubbish other people advetise

c) I should just tidy it away.


Generally, c) wins out; occasionally a).  Just can't be bothered with b) ........



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Get selling Lads, all the good stuff that you will never use

you get 12 free photos to put on, and describe it well

With everyone at Home at the moment

eBay is Rampant

these last few months I have been posting at least 1 parcel per day, and more often 3 days a week, posting 4 per day

I do buy and sell for fun

You buy post online, and print onto a sticky label, stuck to the parcel, no handwriting required

you r post label purchase tracks and logs your items delivered so most of the paperwork is automatic!

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1 hour ago, Kevin Fairgrieve said:

How much?

Taking the mick.

I don't think so Kevin.

This item is in Japan and all modelling products seem to be about 3 times the price over here.

I watch a lot of stuff on the ebay USA site and it is the same with the Japanese goods over there.

With all the whinging we get on the forum about price increases I sometimes think people should appreciate how lucky we are here.

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23 minutes ago, Andy Stephenson said:


No, there are people in ebayland who think there's someone out there who's stupid enough to pay those lunatic prices.

There was an OS61 RF on there recently for $1000 go figure.

I think it is more complex than that.

These high priced items all have "best offer" attached to them.

They can then see how the offers go through the listing period and then arrange a deal with the highest offer.

If they don't get a high enough offer, then at least they don't have to sell it, as on an auction.

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