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2013 Mass Build - general chat thread

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A know that it is not even June yet, but as we are approaching the scheduled end of the 2012 Mass Build cycle, perhaps some suggestions for what to build when the evening start to get a bit darker (that occurs officially in 22 days time!)..


A couple of ideas for the 2013 mass build session.

A Retro Mass build. The Vintage Mass build covered the 'Golden' age of R/C - the 50's and 60's. How about Flares and New Age - 70's and 80's? Fits nicely with the upsurge of interest in this style of model


A Club 25 mass build. This will fit nicely and help kick start Alex Whittaker's initiative and also has the attraction that there is no limit to the scope of the model. Lots of variety and relatively cheap models. Just bung a 25 or 30FS or electric equivalent at the front (or back) and you are away.. (or perhaps 2 x.12 or 6 of .049's)

Best wishes


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I like the Club 25 idea.....(as long as you get the 25 sized Hog plans finished Martyn.....teeth 2). As you say it will give a bit of a lift to AWs "campaign" (& boost OS25FP prices on Ebay....smile p).

I like the Retro idea too.....aerobatic & club soirt models from the 70's & 80's......might be the excuse needed to buy a Mini Chevron.....thumbs up

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Classic Pattern? - moving beyond the PB stuff and would be good to see more King Alters, Kaos, Contenders etc.

All are easy and cheap builds and may kits are available (US in particular) and they all fly very well. I recently built a Top Flite Gold Edition Contender - WOW what a great flying plane!

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Next year is the 30th anniversary of the Wot 4 (isn't it? First plan came out in 1983 I think- correct me if I'm wrong)

So how about a Wot 4 mass build (NO ARTFS!) to pay tribute to (arguably) the greatest model aeroplane ever made? I think the plane deserves it, since all the fun it has supplied to thousands of people over 3 decades.

I would participate in that (if I have the money)

Just a suggestion. (Technically, the 2012 mass build is over now!)



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Well done guys

It is Spectre, originally designed for a veco 61 but I have a SC53 in mine and waiting for decent weather for a test flight.

I'm busy with a 25 size Spinks Akromaster at the moment from the old Pilot kits plan,the club 25 sounds good,lets hope it takes off if you pardon the pun

Jimsmile d

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I like the idea of a Wot 4 mass build, especially as its the 30th anniversary. But definitely a sports model otherwise it'll put off those, like me, who just like stooging around the sky "at a gentle pace".

I seem to remember back in the mid 80's someone building a Wot 2.5. (a 5/8 Wot 4). Might be an idea to include this for those who like to build a smaller model - like me. But def the Wot 4.


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