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Tucano Signing Up Thread

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OK so the Tucano is the worthy winner and is duely selected as the subject for the 2013 Mass Build.

Now we need everyone who intends to take part and build a Tucano to sign up here. This will help us to judge the demand for plans/woodpacks/canopies etc.

Remember, it might be wise to "hang back" from actually buying any stuff just yet as it might be possible for us to onbtain a deal for a bit of discount given the numbers that we are talking about.

So, roll up, and lets start getting an idea of numbers. Let's see if we can't beat last year's figure for sign ups!


PS Please help us by only putting sign ups here - not chat! - we need to keep track of numbers. If everyone only signs up here then the number of sign up is simply the number of posts here minus one! You can chat about the 2013 Mass Build here.

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Count me in, I am going for a makeover of my existing 45 inch Tucano, currently in 2010 display colours, as with the full size!! Not sure yet what scheme, cannot make my mind up on the 2011 or 2012 schemes.


I also want to do a better and more detailed cockpit interior.


Tucano 45 Inch

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I am in - or at least a Tucano derivative.

The pland and canopy have arrived, it is a fairly simply build, the only tools you will need are a building board, a good sharp scalpel, a straight edge and a square. Plus whatever you use to cover/seal the airframe.

I haven't totally made my mind up whether to go for leccie or IC. At the moment, I am edging towards IC.



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