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Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread

Martyn K

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Here's your starter

King Altair - Vic Husack, 1964ish


Finally assembled

Courtesey of Steve D,


Crescent Tornado - mid 70s?


Marabu - Geizendanner(sp?) 69-73ish

Enya 60-III BB



Joker - Wolfgang Matte 1984



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With regard to details of the Jupiter I bought the model second hand around mid eighties and flew it until 1992. It then sat in my garage roof until 2008 when I repainted it and restored the retracts to working condition. As you can imagine it flies very nicely although i am only a sports flyer and i am sure it can do much more.

I cant tell you much more about the history of the model, I don't think it was produced as a kit and I feel it may of been built specially for competitions in the late seventies early eighties. I have never seen or heard of another and would love to find out more about it.

I did take the model to Sleap but didn't fly it although I did fly my Capricorn (See Pic)


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Heres my Pete Russell 'Striker'. All being well it will soon sport a Webra 61 and it will be flown on a Kraft series 71 or a Skyleader Clubman Super, converted with new encoders & Frsky modules.





and more nostalgia, my Fred Dunn 'Astro-Hog' which will be flown on 2.4g Reeds:






Roll on Sleap!



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I never made 'proper' plans for the Jupiter Charles, only my 'rough' copy to allow me to repeat build & develop the type. Well, this model was based around Superstar initially, then Super Sicrolly & Curare (Hanno's designs, all of which I flew prior to entering Comp's.) I simply incorporated anything I learned from those designs into Jupiter, mostly aesthetic I might add.

Jupiter flew as well as I'd wished @ around 8lb AUW fully painted with Powermax trike retracts, Webra Champ 61+ ED pipe. This first model got me through the classes in the first year. I was then able to build another, rear exhaust version, over winter ready for my intro into the premier class the following season.

Knife edge was all to simple, mainly, (@ that time due to model speed), but also plenty of side area. Back in those days I had no mixing to iron out any KE 'faults'.

Does anyone know about the Jupiter in the photo section? Would love to know which example has survived all these years.

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Terry thanks for the info.

I am very bad at following the recipe, and my Superstar had a Curare tail, and the Atlas wing section, as I had an atlas plan and an FG fus for the Superstar from a clubmate. It crashed before I really knew much, and was it a lead sled or what. The hole in the ground was pretty deep. I think the battery wire fell into the elevator linkage and got unplugged! So it goes.

I have always wanted to build another, but it would be very helpful to get any info from you regarding dihedral and tp anhedral angles etc, it would be nice not to have to cut it to bits again to correct faults if possible. I have a Webra Speed 61 and a pipe and some Rohm airs which would do nicely in it. I found the Superstar plans are available.

I don't know about the model pictured other than what is on this thread, isn't it lovely.


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The FG 'efforts' were not the best back then, usually weighty @ best. The new technology for composites have really taken off now & there's no comparison.

I'll certainly have a look through any of my old plans for you, they are in a lockup since my house moves in recent years. I hope to be on with my last lockup clearance before March is out.

I had a speed 61 also. I did like the webras back then. I had one HP 61 & a ST 61 (which I could not get right!)

If you do find the owner of the pictured Jupiter, please let me know.

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